To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 10
Sisters ~The Invention Of Happiness: Lala~
TLRD CH10 Cover
Volume 3
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Lala Satalin Deviluke
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Chapter 9
Metamorphose ~Time For A Change~
Chapter 11
True Self ~True Face In Darkness~

Chapter 10: Sisters ~The Invention Of Happiness: Lala~ is the tenth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Rito runs into Lala, Nana, and Momo, while Lala is fixing Nana's D-Dial. Momo then remarks that Nana has always been rough with her toys, and says she wishes she would grow up, while looking at her chest. This annoys Nana, who yells at Momo for it. Lala stops their fight by giving Nana her newest invention, "Boobie-Boobie Up-Kun." Suddenly Nana and Momo's boob-sizes are switched, and while Nana is ecstatic, Momo is horrified, and Lala apologizes. Momo thinks about trying to seduce Rito like this, while Nana gets revenge for all of Momo's teasing in the past. Suddenly the effects of the invention wear off, and Nana is shocked. Nana yells at Lala for giving her an incomplete-invention. and Lala apologizes. Later, Rito, Momo, Mikado-Sensei, and Oshizu talk about Lala's invention in Mikado-Sensei's office. Oshizu then asks Momo if Lala has been making inventions for all her life, and Momo tells her that she has for as long as she remembers. Momo tells them of how in the past, Nana and Momo were fighting over if Nana was the older sister, or because they are twins, it doesn't matter. Suddenly, Lala came running in, with her inventions running wildly around the castle, and asked for their help. Nana and Momo stopped fighting, and teamed up to catch the inventions. Afterward, Lala thanked both of them, and Zastin scolded her for letting her inventions loose. Oshizu then remarks that it is still the same today, and that Lala grew up, while also remaining a child. Suddenly Mea comes walking in, and asks Momo if she knows where Nana is. Momo tells her that she went to the book store, and Mea thanks her and leaves. Momo then talks to Mikado-Sensei about Mea, asking her if she knows anything about the organization that made her and Yami, but Mikado-Sensei tells her that the organization has long been destroyed, and that she can't get any Intel on it. Mikado-Sensei then says "If only we could find Tearju." (Possibly Doctor Tearju from Black Cats). Momo then asks her what she said, but Mikado-Sensei shrugs it off, and tells Momo that she will look in to it from her end. Later, Lala goes up to Rito at his locker, and tells him that she is going home to analyze the failure of her invention. She then asks Rito to pick up Celine from Mikado-Sensei, and flies off. Rito then thinks to himself that even though they almost always fail, Lala never seems to get discouraged. Suddenly Ren comes running up to Rito, and gives him a sample from Run's next CD, and Rito thanks him. Ren then asks Rito how he feels about Lala. Ren tells Rito that Lala is a sweet and pure girl, who heals everyone around her, like an angel. Ren then asks Rito that because of this, isn't he taking advantage of Lala. Rito says he's not, but Ren interrupts and says the same goes for Run, and tells Rito not to make girl's cry. Rito stands, wondering if it's true, remembering how he told Lala that he loves her, but he also loves Haruna. Rito then thinks about how Lala doesn't get down, and still lives with him. Rito then also thinks about Run, and how he doesn't want to make them suffer. Rito then wonders what he should do, and remembers Momo's Harem Plan. Rito then imagines a Harem with Lala, Haruna, and Run, but gets flustered and shakes it off. Rito then thinks that the world is not such an easy place to have everything go their way. While Rito is thinking about this, Yami watches him from the top of the stairs, holding a book titled "Lovers." The scene then cuts to Yui giving a speech about public morals, and Haruna playing tennis. Later, at home, Rito sits playing a video game with Celine, when Mikan asks him to go get Lala and the others for dinner. Mikan then tells him to be careful of Momo. Rito walks into Lala's room, and tells her dinner is ready. Lala tells him that she will be down in a second, and Rito smirks at how the room is covered with inventions, as usual. Lala wonders why the invention didn't work, and Rito asks her why she started inventing things, stating that he never asked her before. Lala says that's true, but it's no big deal. Lala explains that life in the palace was boring, and that she had nothing to do, except for study and occasionally hang out with Run. Lala explains that she started inventing when she was eight, and that she had been taking apart Devilukian battleships ever since she was a child as a prank, and Rito says that that's not on the level of a child's prank. While they are talking, Momo walks by and notices that they are together in Lala's room. Momo then imagines that they could be kissing, and maybe more, but shakes it off, stating that at times, Lala is more of a child then Nana. Momo then goes to spy on them, but Nana comes up and asks what she is doing. The two then overhear Rito and Lala talking about them, and their fights in the past. Rito remarks how Lala's inventions would then run around, and jokes that sometimes he can't tell who is the little sister in Lala's family. Peke then tells Rito that that is not true, and that Lala's inventions running around was not accident. Peke then tells Rito that what really happened was that Zastin would tell Lala that Nana and Momo were fighting. Lala would then use her D-Dial to summon all of her inventions. Rito then realizes that Lala did this on purpose, to stop Nana and Momo from fighting. Lala tells Rito that, while Nana and Momo may be more reliable than her, they are still her little sisters, and they fight. Lala then says that if gets scolded by Zastin in return for stopping their fight, it's more then worth it. Rito then recalls how at the start of the chapter, Nana and Momo were going to fight, but Lala used her new invention to stop them, and also recalls what Ren said to him earlier. Rito then looks at Lala, and his heart starts to beat fast. Rito then blushes, and Lala notices it and asks him what's wrong, and goes to check his temperature. Rito gets nervous, and backs up, stepping on one of Lala's inventions. The invention then starts to wrap around Lala tightly, and Peke tells Rito that the invention is "Wind-Wind Rope-Kun Number 2," and that it is used for wrapping things together. The invention then pulls up Lala's shirt, and wraps around her tail. Rito sees that Lala is in pain, and can't bear to watch it. He goes to grab the invention, but it pulls him into Lala, and ties him to her. Rito then wonders why Lala's inventions always end up like this. Meanwhile, Nana and Momo sit on the roof, talking about Lala. Momo states that she always thought Lala was the childish one, but really it was her. Nana then recalls that the reason they ran away from home, was that Lala wasn't there, and they missed her. Nana and Momo then agree that they are both really happy that Lala is their big sister. Meanwhile, Mikan and Celine sit at dinner downstairs, wondering where Rito, Lala, Nana, and Momo are.

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