Sleepover Party (お泊り会 Otomari kai) is the seventy-sixth chapter of To Love-Ru.


The party starts with Lala, Haruna, Mikan, Yami, and Peke eating Rito's cooking. Yami reveals that Earth food is really good and that she has only eaten Taiyaki since she first arrived on Earth. Mikan wants to see Yami's transformation powers, but Yami refuses, stating it is a cursed power that only can be used to hurt people. This theory, however, is tossed aside when she helps Lala cut the tofu into small pieces by using her transformation powers.

After the five teens eat, Lala suggests that Haruna and Yami stay the night at Rito and Mikan's house since there is no school tomorrow (and Mikan wants to know Yami more).

As Rito takes a bath, he thinks on the different circumstances that could take place since Haruna is staying over his house. While Rito is taking his bath (unbeknownst to Lala), Lala tells all the girls to get in the bath. She uses "Hirobiro Bath-Time-kun" to turn the bathroom into a hot spring where everyone can fit in. As they enter, Rito hides, surprised that they are all coming in the bathroom. Soon, the girls enter the tub and Rito is afraid that they will find him, but they move further away from him, giving him a chance to sneak out.

Peke walks by the bathroom, looking for Lala. Peke accidentally turns off Hirobiro Bath-Time-kun, turning the bathroom back to its normal state. The bathtub shrinks, and Rito is revealed to the girls. Rito tries to explain why he was there, but Yami attacks him anyway.

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