Still At The Festival is the one hundred and twelfth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Haruna asks Lala who Locaspo is, and Peke explains that he is one of Lala's previous suitors. Locaspo then tells Lala that he has hired another assassin, who is trying to assassinate Rito and Yami at the moment. Back at the fight, Ronjula taunts the two some more, telling them that the thread is very strong. Rito tries to move away from Yami and break free, but she tells him not to, adding that there is not a hint of danger in the situation. Ronjula then tells her not to be so confident, and describes that he will finish the job soon. Yami then manages to punch Ronjula with her hair. Ronjula then notices that the thread is not his thread at all but rather Yami's hair. Yami then tells Ronjula not to be overconfident until the job is done, and Ronjula is annoyed by her condescending attitude. Momo then comes in and has one of her plants attack Ronjula. Yami then thanks her for helping her. Back on the roof, Locaspo has his pet Gaama attack the girls. Melting off Oshizu's Yukata. Haruna then takes a spray directed at Mikan, melting her clothes off as well. Locaspo then tells Lala that he won't stop until she marries him. Nana then summons a Jiro-Snake, Gaama's natural enemy. Gaama then betrays Locaspo and surrenders to Nana. Lala then uses her "Slapping-Firework-Kun," to blow Locaspo away. Rito then thanks Momo and Yami. Yami says that no thanks is necessary. Run and Yui then come up to check on Rito. Yami then asks Rito to treat her to some taiyaki, then demands fifty piece.

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