Draight Feelings (真っ直ぐなキモチ Massugu na kimochi) is the ninety-first chapter of To Love-Ru.

The alien transformed as Lala comes out to Rito and Haruna. Peke asks Lala how she is able to wear her dress without her. The alien then uses some of Lala's memories it also absorbed to remember Rito. It then says that it hates Rito and pushes him over, as it then runs off. Lala then comes up to the confused group with Mikado-Sensei. The group then tells them that they saw another Lala, and Mikado-Sensei explains the whole situation. Meanwhile, Yui is helping Honegawa clean, and tells him to take a break. Shortly after, the alien transforms into Yui and starts to flirt with Honegawa, much to both of their surprises. Rito and Lala then go chasing after the alien, while Mikado-Sensei explains the situation to Yui. Mikado-Sensei wonders why the alien acts like the opposite of the people it copies. Rito then runs into Yami, who pulls up her skirt and tells Rito how she loves ecchi. Rito obviously notices she is the alien, and tries to catch it. The alien then turns into Haruna, who yells at Rito for touching her. Even though he knows it was from the imposter, it crushes Rito. Oshizu then captures the alien using her mental powers. Lala tells them to wait as she tries to communicate with the alien. Lala then calms the alien and realizes that it's sick. Mikado-Sensei then realizes that the alien couldn't copy the people's personalities because it is sick. Rito and Lala then realize how compassionate Lala is to have stopped to think if the alien had something wrong with it. Mikado-Sensei then sends the alien back to space where it belonged. Lala then talks to Rito about how wild it is that the alien turned into her and said that she hated Rito. Lala then tells Rito that she could never hate him. Rito blushes, realizing that she cares for him, and he wonders how long he can go on uncertain about his feelings. Meanwhile, Honegawa tells the principal that adolescence is nice.

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