Strange Connection (奇妙な関係 Kimyō na kankei) is the seventy-fifth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Haruna sees Lala and Rito going somewhere outside, and wonders where they are off to. Suddenly, someone calls her name. It turns out to be Oshizu the ghost, which scares Haruna. Oshizu then asks Haruna if she's made any progress with Rito, noting that she knows Haruna's emotions from when she possessed her (Chapter 64). Oshizu then runs off to go bring Rito to Haruna. Lala and Rito invite Yami to dinner the next day when Rito will cook Sukiyaki, and Rito is very surprised when she says yes. Oshizu then possesses Rito and tells Lala that he has somewhere to go, and runs off to Haruna. Oshizu then causes a bit of trouble in Rito's body. She looks for Haruna, in the girls locker room (while Saki and others are changing), looking under a gym teacher's hairpiece, and looking up Yui's skirt from the bottom of the stairs. Haruna contemplates this on the roof. Oshizu then dispossesses Rito at the roof. Rito is very confused why he is there with Haruna. Haruna contemplates telling Rito her feelings, but wondering what will Lala think. Trying to break the silence, Rito invites Haruna to dinner the next day. Haruna then explains to Oshizu that Lala is her best friend, and while she loves Rito, she is also pulling for Lala and her love for Rito. Meanwhile, Rito is ecstatic that he managed to invite Haruna, but suddenly, Yui and everyone else Oshizu made angry make Rito kneel down.

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