To LOVE-Ru Darkness
Chapter 75
Sudden Confession ~The Precious Words~
TLRD CH75 Cover
Japanese Sudden Confession ~大切な言葉~
Rōmaji Sudden Confession ~Taisetsu na Kotoba~
Volume TBA
Release Date January 2017
Key Character(s) Nemesis
Rito Yuuki
Haruna Sairenji
Momo Belia Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Chapter 74
After a long time ~Nemesis's Ambition~
Chapter 76
How will you do? ~Decision!?~

Chapter 75: Sudden Confession ~The Precious Words~ is the seventy-five chapter of the To-LOVE Ru Darkness manga series.


The chapter begins at Sainan High courtyard where all the students are gathered for the Principal to introduce Nemesis as a new student enrolling at the school. Nemesis appears in her Sainan uniform, referring to herself as "Nemesis-sama" and she's the president of the student council. She reveals herself being a biological weapon with body transformation ability just like Yami and Mea.

Nemesis then says that she "loves" Rito and she wants to make him happy by making all the girls in this school part of his harem.

Most of the female students react to the harem differently. Tearju is wonder if she'll be included or not while Mikado thinks it's not a bad thing if they're included.

However, Nemesis's declaration causes some of the girls to chase after Rito, including Risa, Mio who are calling him "darling", and some of the ugly girls are chasing after him as well.

Saruyama and some guys also try to catch him because Nemesis promised them a party with cute alien girls. Rito shouts that the harem is impossible, leading Haruna to come along and attack them with a fire extinguisher. Yui and Nana also come along and tell them to stop. Afterwards, Motemitsu and his followers try to interfere because Nemesis promised to give them a camera that allows them to see through clothes; Nana subsequently summons her animals to stop them.

While Lala seems to have no issue with the harem, Haruna doesn't like it. She takes Rito to the gym storage to talk about it, telling him that she doesn't like the idea, and then confesses that she loves Rito since middle school, which he replies "Me too".


  • There are two female students who look like Gian and Suneo from the Doraemon series appearing in this chapter.
    • The former has appeared briefly in previous chapters, while the latter has never appeared.
  • Nemesis and Haruna are the fourth and fifth girl confessing their feelings for Rito after Lala, Run, and Yami.

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