To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 23
Summer Festival ~The Beginning of The Festival~
TLRD CH23 Cover
Volume 6
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Chapter 22
After a Storm Comes a Calm ~Friend~
Chapter 24
The Door of Fate ~And From Now On~

Chapter 23: Summer Festival ~The Beginning of The Festival~ is the twenty-third chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


Rito, Nana and Momo arrive at the festival, in his own thoughts Rito compliments on Nana and Momo yukatas to which Nana notices Rito staring at them, calls him a beast and storms off to go meet up with Mea, Momo states that Nana has become very conscious of him. Rito receives a call from Mikan, she mentions how Tearju is a good person who she is with and long with Mikado, Oshizu and Celine. Momo compliments Rito for introducing Tearju to Mikan who is Yami's best friend, Rito mentions the matter between Nana and Mea is progressing and hopes Mikan can build a bridge in the awkward relationship between Tearju and Yami, hearing this Momo asks him if there is an option for him to become that bridge and reminds him of the hug he gave Nana, Momo then thinks how Rito is kind to others and wonders if he would embrace her if she was depressed about something. Suddenly much to her shock nakajima and sugimura members of Momo's fan club appear and compliment on her yukata, when they spot Rito next to her they try to warn her about how he is a beast and unsafe to be around, one of them starts imagining him doing lewd things to her and when he snaps out of it both Rito and Momo have left. Rito calls them rude saying that he will turn into a beast but Momo states the he is already a beast especially in bed and explains what he does to her when he is asleep, shocked by this Momo says she's just kidding. Else where Haruna is with Lala and tells her that Yui will be arriving and ask Lala if Rito will also be coming, Lala says that he will be bringing her sisters along, Lala asks if she will confess to him but Haruna nervously says that she can't. Nearby Momo spots them but doesn't call them because she wants to be with Rto a little longer, Rito notices a girl with her mother and asks Momo what kind of mother she has. Momo responds by saying that she's a wonderful person and as the current queen of Deviluke (in their father's place, who isn't good at politics) she demonstrates active leadership and endeavors to maintain relations with every planet. To Lala and her sisters, she is the person they admire the most. Rito also asks if she feel lonely not being able to see her, Momo tells him that she doesn't feel lonely at all because she has her sisters and Rito. Momo adds that she wants to always be next to him forever, Momo changes the subject by say its to help him put together his harem, Rito then asks Momo what are her intentions in doing so, she answers him that its to make everyone happy but in truth it's so she can be with him and doesn't care if she is second or third all she wants is to be loved by him. As they go to meet up with the others they come across Mikan who pleads for help saying something terrible happen to Tearju. Meanwhile Yami walks around eating taiyaki and angrily calls Rito meddlesome for telling Mikan her relationship with Tearju. As she starts to head home Rito accidentally knocks her over in a lewd manner, Yami starts attacking him with spiked wrecking balls and then threatens him with a blade on his neck, Yami reminds Rito that he is still her target and the she lets him live at her whim. All of a sudden Mikan starts acting strange and her appearance begins to change, revealing herself to actually be Nemesis.


  • Nemesis' first full appearance is shown in this chapter.

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