Summer Memories is the one hundred and fifty-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Lala calls up Haruna one day, inviting her to a new pool with the rest of the class. Lala then reminds Haruna about the promise they made in chapter 122. Meanwhile, Mikado-Sensei checks up on an alien patient, who tells her that he is getting constant-headaches, because his pet (A violent species known as Mineralun) ran away a couple days back. Meanwhile, Haruna calls and invites Oshizu to go along to the pool, and she happily agrees. The group arrives at the pool, and right away Nana jumps in and starts slashing Momo. Momo then responds by using all of her power and splashing Nana with a giant wave. Mikan and Yami then arrive, and Yami acts a little cold towards Rito because of what happened the previous chapter. Haruna, Risa, Mio, Oshizu, and Yui then show up to the pool. Risa starts to grope Lala, and Yui tells her not to do such vulgar things. Rito then goes up to Yui, who is trying to to inflate a tube, which Rito offers to do. Yui then wonders what Rito thinks of the bathing suit that she hastily bought the day before. Rito says it's cute, but he is referring to the floaty, and Yui thinks how misleading he is. Saruyama then talks to Rito about how much he has changed, remarking that the old Rito would never have been able to have normal conversations with girls in their bathing suits. Rito then tells Saruyama that it's nothing special, and he just tries not to be creepy by looking at their chests and what not. Saruyama then tells him that it is the effect of having Lala in his life, which Rito then thinks about. Meanwhile, Run and Kyouko preform on stage, while ominous eyes appear in the pool.

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