To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 61
Taken ~Nemesis~
TLRD CH61 Cover
Volume 15
Release Date 2015
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Gid Lucione Deviluke
Momo Belia Deviluke
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Chapter 60
Power and power ~Fleeting Battle~
Chapter 62
The fresh world ~Everywhere together♪~

Chapter 61: Taken ~Nemesis~ is the sixty-first chapter of the To-Love Ru Darkness manga series.


Nemesis' body has just finished regenerating, with Gid stating that even if she continues to regenerate, the damage will not go away, and that the "game" is over. Nemesis and Momo make eye contact, and Nemesis suddenly lunges for Momo, to the surprise of Rito and the dismay of Gid. The dust clears, and there are now two Momos. The two begin arguing with each other, and trying to convince Gid who the real one is. Gid immediately knows which is the fake, and attacks her, impaling her on his arm. The fake Momo (Nemesis) then asks Gid if he knew because she didn't replicate Momo's panties. Gid retorts by saying "No father mistakes his own child", to the surprise of Momo. Nemesis points the irony of the statement because of the person saying it. She then reveals that her ture goal was to touch Gid, and initiates her "trans-fusion" ability on Gid, attempting to replicate what she did to Mea. Peke points out that the dark matter is consuming Gid, and Gid states that he already knows what happens. He then puts his tail to his own head and electrocutes himself and Nemesis, stating that his body is for his use only. This counterattack hardly affects Gid, but puts Nemesis out of commission, leaving her on the ground with a rapidly de-materializing body. Rito rushes to her side, and Gid tells him to leave her alone, and she will soon disappear since she has no energy left. Rito begins yelling at Gid, asking if he had to take it this far, while Zastin tries to quickly reprimand him for being rude. Nemesis says that Rito is weird for caring about her, and that she does not care if she disappears. She begins a story of when she first woke to this world. The scientists watching into her capsule call it "another failure". The scientists working on "Project Nemesis", a plan to create humanoid weapons from dark matter, do not notice Nemesis, and the project is frozen. She wanders around the laboratory for years, and begins gaining information on herself, Mea, and Yami, stating that at the time, she was a thought form with no body and could disappear at anytime. That is, until she discovers Mea and her trans-fusion ability, finally gaining a physical body. She states that she now has no regrets if she disappears, satisfied that she got to "play" with the strongest man in the universe. She states that she had fun during her trip with Mea to find Yami, and that Rito and Momo did a good job entertaining her. The scene ends with Rito yelling Nemesis' name, as the last wisps of her body disappear.

The scene switches to the real world, the next day, where Lala is bathing and talking to Peke. She apologizes for them getting transferred to that cyberspace. She then asks what they were doing there with her father. Peke lies, and says that they were collecting data for other dimensions, and Rito was transported there by mistake, while thinking about whether Rito and Momo keeping it a secret is the right thing to do or not. Rito, laying on his bed, sees Nemesis naked and sitting on top of him, saying that Rito is unique. He sits up in a panic, and Momo, laying next him, asks if he is okay. Rito becomes even more panicked, saying that she is naked again, but realizes when she sits up that she has clothes on this time. Momo says that she really came only to sleep with him this time because she was worried about what happened before. We flash back to when Nemesis is disappearing, and Rito tells her that she can possess his body, since she won't have to disappear if she does, to the surprise of Momo and Zastin. Nemesis calls Rito weird, saying he has zero reason to help her and that he might end up regretting. Rito says that he doesn't care and to hurry. He takes her hand, and she transfers herself into Rito's body. Gid questions Rito, asking what he has done, and reminding him that she is a terrorist who attempted to overturn the galaxy. He reveals that she will survive in Rito's body, and asks what Rito will do if she plans something evil again. Rito says that he will convince her not to, to Gid's disbelief. Rito continues by saying that she will likely change if she finds joy in Sainan city. Gid asks what happens if she doesn't change, and Rito tells him to kill Rito along with Nemesis. When asked why he would go that far, Rito responds that it is not only for Nemesis, but that as a man, he would regret not saving her for the rest of his life. This pleases Gid, and he tells Zastin that they are going home. Gid tells Rito that if he truly is a man, prove to him that the path he chose was is correct.

Switching back to the present, Momo says that it is miraculous that her father backed away, and asks if Rito feels anything different about his body. He says no, and Momo says that there is a chance that they didn't make it in time, and that Nemesis is gone. Rito then gets up to get ready for school, and Momo asks if he is going to keep this a secret from the others. Rito says yes, he doesn't want them to stress out over him. He begins another sentence when his speech goes weird. He tells Momo that he really wants to touch her boobs. Rito, in his mind, says that his mouth is moving on its own. He then pushes Momo down onto the bed, ripping open her shirt. He begins fondling her boobs, and Momo exclaims that Rito is finally turned on. Rito, also in his mind, says that his body is also moving on its own. His hand begins lifting her panties, but then suddenly pulls away, confusing an aroused Momo. Nemesis suddenly appears out of Rito's body, and notes that she can only jack his body for a short amount of time until she regains more energy. She then thanks Rito and Momo for letting her stay and returns into Rito's body right as the door begins opening. Mikan and Nana enter the room, as Mikan is about to ask Rito to do something. The chapter ends with Nana once again calling Rito a beast and Mikan states that Rito finally lost to his temptations.

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