The Alien Assassin
The Alien Assassin
Episode Information
Romanji Uchūjin no Shikaku
Air Date May 8, 2008
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The Queen's Challenge
All Men Should Be Like This!

The Alien Assassin (宇宙人の刺客, Uchūjin no Shikaku) is the sixth episode of To Love-Ru.

Summery Edit

In space, Zastin and his subordinantes Maul and Smutts detect a someting heading towards Earth, Zastin was aware of "his" arrival and decides to leave the situation to Rito. The it then lands on the roof of Sainan High, it is reveled to be a big green alien who is in desperate need to use the toilet. The alien known as Ghi Bree then sniffs the school in search of Lala, he then finds her in a classroom dissecting frogs. Lala wonders the point of this lesson, Rito explains it's learn more them, however prefers to learn more about Rito insted so she chases him around the classroom to dissect him. Ghi Bree, seeing how "close" Lala is with Rito realises that he is her fiancee but also noticess how he looks at Haruna, also realising that he has feelings for her. The Principal comes toward Ghi Bree (believing that he is wearing a costume), Ghi Bree then transforms into look alike and knocks out the Principal and hides him away. During lunch time, Ghi Bree (still disguise as the Principal) comes in the classroom and orders Haruna to come with him, he also tell's Saruyama to tell Rito of this.

On the roof, Lala continues to chase Rito to dissect him (unaware of the huge creater made by Ghi Bree's arrival), Saruyama comes in and tells him that the "Principal" took Haruna to the sports shed. Rito leaves Saruyama to occupy Lala (who he says is going to the toilet but secretly looks for Haruna), Saruyama strips and lets her dissect him insted, only to have her pinch his belly button and screem in pain. Rito heads to the sports shed only to find Haruna tied and being grouped by tentacles and the "Principal" revealing his alien form who tells him to go of Lala so he can marry her and become the successor to the Deviluke throne.

Lala gets tired of waiting for Rito to come back, Peke tells Lala that she might have been deceived, Lala however believes otherwise. with the two at a disagreement, Lala summons her invention, Sniff-Sniff Trace-Kun to trace Rito (with his pair of boxers she had with her) only to lead her into the girls locker room sniffing other girls. Back at the sports shed, Ghi Bree continues to tell Rito to cancel the engagement with Lala, otherwise he will continue to torture Haruna futher, having the tentacles continue to group her and rip her clothes reaveling her cheast (which Rito get over excited but manages snap out of it). Rito gets mad at Ghi Bree for thinking of Lala and Haruna as nothing more than tools and yells at him (which easily scares him). Lala, who manages to find Rito comes in and recognises Ghi Bree (who is actualy one of her fiance cadidates) and also gets mad at him seeing what he's doing to Haruna, he tells her that he will marry her but Lala disagrees saying that she hates him.

Getting serious, Ghi Bree turns into his "monster form" to scare them but Rito muster up his courage and attacks Ghi Bree as distraction for Lala to take Haruna away. however, Ghi Bree is the one who gets scared again insted, he acts like nothing happened altough Rito does not buy it and scares Ghi Bree again causing him to fall back turn into his "true form" which is a smaller version of himself. Peke explains that he is a balkean, an alien race who are weak but able are to shapeshift thier bodies. Ghi Bree tries to escape but is stopped by his wife, who reveals to Rito and Lala that he has more wifes and lots of kids aswell due to him transforming into handsome beings from other planets to trick women into marriage who of which have all come, Lala then calls another one of her inventions, Slosh-Slosh Warp-Kun to flush them all away into space.

Rito, seeing Haruna in such a state freaks out in embarrasment and leaves Lala take care of her and fix her clothes. In space, Zastin is enjoying a bath within his spaceship only to be ruined as it turns out that Ghi Bree, his wifes and childern where teleported there. Back on Earth, in the infirmary room, Haruna wakes up with Lala in front of her who tells her that she past out due to anemia in the sports shed and that it was Rito who saved her, which she feels touched by. Rito who is walking down a corridor thinks that he may have forgotten something but ignors it. The fact that he left the Principal tied up in the shed who ishaving perverted delusions and a naked Saruyama on the roof, who is also having such delusions and falls into the crater.

Character appearances Edit

Inventions used Edit

  • D-Dial
  • Sniff-Sniff Trace-Kun
  • Slosh-Slosh Warp-Kun

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