The Antagonist is the one hundred and twenty-third chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Lala ecstatically tells Run that she saw on TV that she will be guest-starring on Magical Kyouko. Rito then tells Run to give her best on the show. Run then thinks to herself that she is happy that Rito is wishing her luck, but she is not that happy about starting on the show. At the shooting location, Run is embarrassed over the costume that she has to wear. They then film a scene, and Kyouko gets a lot of praise for it. Run sits, jealous of Kyouko who has become a superstar through this program. Run's scene comes up, and as she starts he lines, the director cuts, and tells her not to smile, which annoys Run. While sitting on a bench, Kyouko comes up to Run and tells her that she did a great job on her lines. Kyouko then suggests that they eat together, and tells Run that she brought her favorite food, that she learned about from her blog. Kyouko then admits to Run that she is a huge fan of hers. Run then feels guilty for thinking such negative things about Kyouko, when she is actually quite a nice person. The principal then comes in, asking Run to sign her body, but then chases after Kyouko. Run tells him to get away, but Kyouko somehow summons fire from her finger and burns the principal. Run the asks her if she is an alien, and Kyouko tries to deny it, but Run tells her that she is an alien too. Run then tells Kyouko she is going to write about their new friendship on her blog, and the two exchange emails.

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