The Bizarre Forest's Inhabitants (怪奇の森の住人 Kaiki no mori no jūnin) is the sixty-seventh chapter of To Love-Ru.

Mikan looks for Rito and the others, but then she remembers that they went to the beach. Meanwhile, Lala then tells them all that she believes that she chose Okinawa as the destination. Haruna tries to remain optimistic, while Run secretly is very angry at Lala, but plans on spending this time to get intimate with Rito. Suddenly, they all spot a bunch of monkeys stealing their luggage. As they all try to chase the monkeys, Lala flies off after them. The others notice that the forest doesn't look like a normal Japanese forest. Just then, Saruyama accidentally awakes a giant dinosaur-like creature. As they are being chased, Run trips and Rito goes back to help her up. They all go to climb up a tree. As they are climbing, Haruna falls and takes Rito down with her. Right as the dinosaur is about to attack, Lala comes in and knocks it out with a punch. As it turns out, they are on a separate planet, called Okiwana. Rito tells Lala to use her phone, but there is no signal. Lala then apologizes to everyone. Haruna tries to calm everyone down, and starts to take charge.

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