To LOVE-ru Darkness
Bangaihen 6
The Changing Heart ~Honest Feelings~
TLRD CH20.6 Cover
Volume 5
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Bangaihen 5
Flower ~Budding Feelings~
Chapter 21
Rain ~Again, Just Like Until Now~

Bangaihen 6: The Changing Heart ~Honest Feelings~ is the sixth bangaihen chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga and the second OVA of To Love-Ru Darkness in the anime.

Summary Edit

While Rito is brushing his teeth, Nana comes in, asking Rito if he would mind her asking something. Rito wonders why she is being so formal, and asks if she had a fight with Momo, or something along those lines. Nana ignores this, and asks Rito if he hates "small breasts." Rito is shocked by this sudden question, and Nana mentions that a new large breasted teacher has started teaching his class, and she asks if Rito likes "Boobs like that." Rito fumbles his words, and blushes, making Nana jump to conclusions, and get annoyed. Rito tells Nana to calm down, and assures her that men don't like women solely for breast size. Rito tells Nana that she has her own "unique appeal." And that she doesn't have to worry about something like breast-size. Nana then asks Rito if he sees her as a women. Nana then pulls her shirt off, and asks Rito if he would still like a girl like her. Rito, shocked, then thinks to himself about how Nana is generally cute, yet now she seems "Sexy." Nana then asks Rito what he thinks, and Rito is snapped out of his daze. Rito then stumbles away, and accidentally grabs Nana's chest. However, for once Nana doesn't get upset, and instead asks Rito if he is getting aroused. Suddenly, Momo bursts through the door, demanding that they stop. Momo then starts to choke Rito. Meanwhile, Mikan asks Lala where Nana and Momo are, and Lala says that she hasn't seen them recently. Back in Rito's room, Rito realizes that Nana and Momo were messing around with Lala's "Round-Round Change-Kun." Momo then apologizes to Rito, telling him that Nana wanted to see if Rito was interested in "Pettanko breasts," but Nana insists she simply wanted to tease Rito. Nana and Momo bicker while Rito thinks to himself that it was all just a prank, and that there is no way that Nana would come to him like that. Later, after Nana and Momo have been switched back, Momo teases Nana, telling her that it's wonderful, and that Rito didn't look too unhappy. Nana then tells Momo to mind her own business, and that she isn't interested in a guy like Rito. Nana then remembers Rito telling Nana that she has her own "Unique appeal," and she blushes, calling Rito a "Damn Womanizer!"

Trivia Edit

As of this OVA/chapter, Nana now knows that Rito doesn't care that she's flat-chested.

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