The Choise (選択 Sentaku) is the seventy-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Yui and Haruna look around, trying to figure out where they are. Suddenly, a slimy monster starts to grab them. Keize then threatens to suffocate Yui and Haruna if Mikado-Sensei doesn't go with them. Mikado-Sensei agrees to go with, despite Lala's protest. Two members of the gang watch Mikado-Sensei as she walks to Keize's location. Keize plans to use Mikado-Sensei's knowledge to create super-soldiers that will overthrow Deviluke's rule over the universe, and send it into chaos. Mikado-Sensei refuses, but realizes that she has no choice, due to the gangs leverage over her. Just then, Lala comes flying in, using her tail to shoot a beam at the gang. The two gang members watching Yui and Haruna then admit that they are not going to release them even after Mikado-Sensei turns herself over. Rito then comes in, and tries to hit one of them with a stick. Yami also enters, throwing two of the gang members to the ground, revealing that they told them where they were after she beat it out of them. Yami tells them to release Yui and Haruna, or else she'll have to make them. Just then, the leader hears that Yami is here helping Mikado-Sensei. Hearing this, he pulls a gun, saying that he will take Mikado-Sensei even if it costs him his own life. But Lala blindsides him with her rocket invention from earlier. Lala breaks the man's nose so severely that he may die from blood loss, however Mikado-Sensei says she may have something to help. Mikado-Sensei gives it to him, and Lala calls Zastin who turns the men over to the galactic-police. Mikado-Sensei apologizes to Yui and Haruna and thanks Rito, Lala, and Yami. Yui wonders why Rito is there and asks him.

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