The Determined Cat is the one hundred and fiftieth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Lala looks out the window and notices that the rain has stopped. Rito notices that everyone is exhausted, and just then Yami returns. Yami tells them that the perp is an assassin, code name: Kuro. Peke then tells everyone about Kuro. Rito then wonders if the Deviluke sisters are the targets. Saruyama then freaks out again, but Lala tells everyone to calm down, and assures them that she will take care of them. Nana and Momo then second it, stating they'll help her. Meanwhile, Kuro recalls a battle he and Yami had in the past. Yami is having the same memory, when Mikan asks her if she is alright. Mikan then tells Yami that she can read her emotions, even though she is not an open book, like Rito. Mikan then tells Yami it is because they are friends, which makes Yami smile. Saki then rushes in, freaking out because Arashiyama's body has disappeared along with any traces of blood. Just then the power goes out, and Yui looks at Rito, and braces. Rito asks her what's wrong, and seh explains that she thought he was going to fall on her like he always does. Saruyama then bumps into Yui, which ironically causes her to fall on Rito into a naught position. Yui then explains to Rito that it was because Saruyama pushed her, but Saruyama interrupts and points to Kuro, who is in the room. Momo then tells everybody to stand back. Celine then jumps on Kuro's head, thinking that he's a guest, much to Rito's horror. Kuro then points his gun at Lala, who Saruyama is hiding behind.

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