To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 24
The Door of Fate ~And From Now On~
TLRD CH24 Cover
Volume 6
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Mea Kurosaki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 23
Summer Festival ~The Beginning of The Festival~
Bangaihen 7
Anxious (1) ~Is This Alright~

Chapter 24: The Door of Fate ~And From Now On~ is the twenty-fourth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


Nemesis had just revealed herself to Rito, Momo and Yami. Rito is surprised that Nemesis is a little girl. But just seconds afterwards, true to his nature, Rito accidentally trips and falls into Nemesis, grabbing her butt, pulling down her dress and has his face in between her legs, shocking both Yami and Momo. Strangely, Nemesis is impressed by him "catching her off guard", and she uses her transform ability to turn herself into a sexy full-breasted woman, much to his and Momo's surprise. Nemesis takes an immediate liking to his intimidated reaction, and shows her erotic personality by expressing her arousal at the thought of making Rito her pet and doing sadistic things to him, much to Momo's disturbance. Momo tries to oppose her, but Nemesis immediately ambushes and molests Momo's sensitive tail and finds that Momo is worth playing with as well. Momo gets angry at her for humiliating her in front of Rito, and Nemesis dodges a lightning attack from Momo's tail. Nemesis apologizes to Momo, saying that she has trouble controlling her impulses. She explains that she didn't want to pick a fight, but to simply say hi and tells them that she would like to be friends with them, which Momo quickly rejects.

Yami asks Nemesis why she decided to reveal herself. She responds by saying that she had no reason for hiding herself (and notes that she can't interact well with people without causing trouble), and adds that if she had continued hiding, Yami would always keep her guard up against her. Nemesis also explains that by letting Mea interact with other people, through her she can finally find out Yami's true feelings that changed who she was. Nemesis mentions that Yami's true self, the "Darkness", makes her incompatible with people, and she is unconsciously realizing it. Nemesis says that she will wait patiently until Yami inevitably returns to her true self, and if she gets bored, she will come over to have some "fun" with Rito and Momo, much to their dismay.

Suddenly, just as Yui arrives, Nemesis vanishes. Yui didn't notice Nemesis, and Momo changes the subject by saying Rito really wanted to see her in a yukata. Rito compliments Yui's yukata, which made her happy at first, but then stupidly comments that she looks different from her usual angry self, much to her anger, and Momo's disappointment. Momo looks towards Yami, who is thinking about what Nemesis said.

Later they regroup with the others, who are enjoying the fireworks. Rito and Momo talk to Tearju and Mikado about their encounter with Nemesis. Rito recalls what Nemesis said about wanting to be friends, which Oshizu finds suspicious. Mea assures them that there is nothing to worry about and claims that Nemesis is only trying to get closer to others like she and Yami have, but Oshizu still doesn't trust Mea, which doesn't bother Mea very much.

Mikan stares at Mea, knowing that she is Yami's little sister and considers becoming friends with her but is bothered by Mea's sexual personality towards her brother.

Momo asks Tearju if she knew anything about the "Darkness" that Nemesis spoke of. Tearju worries that it might be a certain "forbidden transformation", but tells her that is probably nothing. She is convinced that as long as there are still people who care for her, then Yami would never manifest it.

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