The False Love is the one hundred and fifty-eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Yami is treating Rito to some Taiyaki, and he wonders how he came to be on a date with Yami. Back thirty minutes, Rito and Lala chase after Celine, who got into the fridge and got a coke (Which makes her drunk). Celine runs up to Yami, and sprays her with pollen. Lala catches Celine, and Rito tries to leave with her, but Yami grabs him. Yami then tells Lala that she is going to borrow Rito for a bit. Back in the present, the Taiyaki vendor tells Yami to enjoy it with her boyfriend, which makes her blush. Yami then sees other couples in the park feeding each other. She then tells Rito to allow her to feed him, and she transforms her hair into multiple hands, and shoves them down him mouth. Rito then rushes to a bathroom to wash out his mouth. When he comes out, Yami has used her transforming powers to form a dress. Rito tells her that it's cute and it suits her, which makes her blush. While the two are walking, a man bumps into Rito, pushing him into Yami, and grabbing her chest. Yami tells Rito that while she normally hates Ecchi, she tells him that she feels like she should give in. Yami then asks Rito if she can kiss him. Rito then shakes her, telling her to snap out of it. The flower then falls of, and Yami punches Rito, telling him not to touch her so easily. Yami then asks Rito why he wouldn't kiss her, and Rito tells her because it was out of curiosity and she wasn't in the right mental state. Yami then realizes that he did it for her. Yami then calls Rito an idiot, stating that he worries about someone who is after his life. Yami then smiles, and says she doesn't hate idiots. She then tells Rito when the time comes, she will make sure he has a swift and painless death. Meanwhile, Lala laughs at Celine sleeping.

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