The First Step In Falling In Love is the one hundred and nineteenth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Picking up where the last chapter left off. Haruna tells Lala that she loves Rito too. Haruna then wonders if she has done the right thing, and Lala stands caught off guard and shocked. Lala wonders how long she has, and neither one can figure out what to say to the other. The two then sit awkwardly laughing, when Rito comes up, asking what they are doing. Shocked, both of them push Rito away, and Lala summons "Flap-Haitatsu-Kun," who flies off with Rito. Lala then apologizes to Haruna, tell her that she is slow at noticing things, and she is sorry for being selfish. Haruna then tells Lala that that's not true, and that she just didn't want to hide her feelings from Lala anymore. Lala then tells Haruna that she is happy that she feels the same way that she does, and thanks her. Later, Haruna calls Oshizu and tells her that she told Lala. Oshizu tells Haruna that this is a good step in the right direction. Meanwhile, while bathing, Lala recalls that Haruna asked her to keep her love for Rito a secret, and that Haruna feels refreshed enough that she can support Lala's love as well. Haruna then tells Lala that she is happy with the way her life is, because she has both Rito and her. Lala then tells Peke that she is really happy that Haruna is her friend. Lala then contemplates what she should do. Mikan then comes in to bath as well. Mikan then asks Lala if she knows where Rito is. Horrified, Lala remembers that her invention is still flying around with Rito. The invention finally drops Rito, who lands right in front of Yami. Yami then thinks that Rito is looking up her skirt, and chases him around.

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