The Flavor Of Chocolate Is A Sweet Sensation is the one hundred and thirty-seventh chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Yui contemplates how she will give Rito the chocolate. Rito and Saruyama then talk about getting chocolate. Risa and Mio then come up to them and give them each chocolate. Mio then teases Saruyama, saying that this is his first and last chocolate. Yui goes up to Rito and tries to give him the chocolate. Yui struggles saying Valentines Day managing to only say Ba (In Japanese Valentines day is pronounced Barentaindē). Yui then calls Rito a Baka (Idiot). Rito wonders what he has done as Yui walks off. Later, Rito and Yui are on class detail. While walking, Yui tries to give the chocolate to Rito again, but when she stutters, Rito bows and asks her to forgive him. Yui asks Rito what he is doing, and he asks her if she is mad. Just then, Run comes running out of nowhere and jumps on Rito. Run then puts chocolate in her mouth, and tells Rito to get it. trying to get away, Rito runs into Yui, and knocks her over. Rito looks up her skirt, and she hits screams at him. Yui then wonders why she is even trying to give him chocolate. Yui then sees Lala and Haruna giving chocolate they made together to Rito. Rito is touched and thanks both of them for it, which makes both of them blush. Later, as Rito is walking, Yui comes up to him and gives him the chocolate. Rito asks if it is really for him, and Yui tells him that it is only Giri and that they are only friends. Rito then ecstatically thanks Yui, telling her that he though that she hated him. Yui then blushes, glad that she gave it to him. Back at home, Mikan gives Rito some more chocolate, and notices that he already has some other chocolate. Mikan then notices that Lala and Haruna gave him some and also Yui. Rito tells her that it is only Giri, which causes Mikan to laugh, because unlike Rito, she can understand a girl's feelings.

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