The Girl Who Fell From The Sky
Lala TLR EP1 01
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Romanji Maiorita shōjo
Air Date April 3, 2008
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The Girl Who Fell From The Sky (Maiorita Shōjo 舞い降りた少女) is the first episode of the To Love-Ru Anime Adaption.


The story begins with a mysterious girl being chased in space, just as she is about to be captured, she manages to escape. Meanwhile on Earth, at Sainan high school, a boy named Rito Yuuki plans on confessing to the girl of his dreams, Haruna Sairenji. But he's quite shy on how to approach her and whenever he tries tell her how he feels about her, something inconvenient happens and gets in his way. After school as Haruna about to walk by past him, just when he is about to confess to her, the spaceship from earlier crash lands right where he is standing and nearly crushes him. Rito returns home sulking over yet another failure to confess. He goes to his room and talks on the phone with his best friend Kenichi Saruyama, who understands him well and is not surprised by another failure. Saruyama advises him to learn to get used to being around girls.

Rito continues to sulk in the bathtub. Suddenly, the mysterious girl from before appears in front of him naked and he accidently grabs her breasts. In his room, the girl introduces her self as Lala Satalin Deviluke, who is an alien from the planet Deviluke. She explains that she used an invention she made to randomly teleport into the tub he was in because she is being pursued. Her companion robot, Peke, arrives and reunites with her. Suddenly, Maul and Smutts, the ones who pursued Lala, come into the room, having followed Peke. Rito reluctantly helps Lala escape over the rooftops.

As they get to normal ground, the men from before catch up to them. Then a huge space ship appears and a man wearing armor named Zastin Deviluke emerges from it. It is then revealed that Lala is actually a princess running away from home because of her father always arranging meetings for a suitor for her to marry, and Zastin and the two men arrived to take her home. Lala then gets a cell phone-like device out and summons another invention of hers called Go-Go Vacuum-Kun, a giant octopus-like machine that she uses to suck in Zastin and the others, however it continues to sucl in everything else, including Rito, and Lala doesn't remember how to shut it off. As Rito gets sucked halfway in, the machine gets clogged up and suddenly explodes.

The next day, Rito is frustrated over what happened last night because of Lala and doesn't want anything to do with her again. On his way to school, he meets up with Haruna. Rito thinks it's a good opportunity to confess to her, which he finally does, but he shyly confessed with his eyes closed, and accidentally says it to Lala, who coincidently appears in front of him. Rito has yet again made another epic failure to confess to the girl he truly loves. Lala, however, is happy to hear this and hugs him, saying they are now engaged to be married, much to his dismay Thus Rito's love troubles are just beginning.

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  • When Lala showed her tail to Rito, she made a reference to Dragon Ball about transforming at a full moon.