The Hidden Face Of The Tournament (体育祭の裏で... Taikusai no ura de...) is the eighty-fourth chaper of To Love-Ru.

Lala and Mikan find Yami in the library and try to get her to join the sports festival. Meanwhile, Haruna and Rito compete in a one kilometer race, but right at the beginning, someone pushes Haruna down. Rito catches her, and ends up getting hurt in the process. Haruna takes Rito to the infirmary. Lala tries to go with, but Rito insists she stay and compete. Lala and Mikan have Yami come in as a replacement for Rito. Haruna goes to search for bandages for Rito. Lala and Mikan then compete in a race, and are running much faster then everyone. Saki tries to stop them by throwing bombs at them. Haruna tends to his wounds, and he tells her that it is not her fault he got hurt. Haruna then recalls that at the last festival, it was Rito who won it for his class. In the race, Lala notices Saki throwing the bombs, and Yami remarks how intense Earth sports are. As Rito gets up to go back to the festival, Haruna grabs him and tells him not to go. Meanwhile, Mikado-Sensei has been watching the entire time. Haruna and Rito come on and watch with Yui in horror, as Saki tries to shoot Lala with a bazooka. Eventually, the festival had to be canceled due to the amount of injuries.

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