THe Love Queen!? (恋愛クイーン!? Ren'ai QUĪN!?) is the eighty-first chapter of To Love-Ru.

Saki can only think of Zastin, and Rin and Aya try to find a way to help her. Meanwhile, Lala looks for Rito, who she has prepared a special lunch for. Rito hides, noticing that there is a questionable black fog coming out of the lunch. Lala then reads the book, wondering why it isn't working (one of the tips is to make a lunch with little spices). Rito realizes that she is doing it for him, but he figures he needs to hide from Lala for his safety. Just then, Rin and Aya kidnap Rito and take him up to the roof, tied up. Rin tells Rito that he needs to be tied up, because she doesn't know what a pervert like him could do. They tell Rito that they want him to call Zastin to the school, so Saki can confess her love for him. Rito calls Zastin, and Rin apologizes to Rito for misjudging him. She then explains to Rito that her family has served for Saki's family for years. Rin then recalls Saki's kindness, saving Aya from bullies when they were younger. Rin and Aya then push Saki out when Zastin arrives. Rito is watching from a distance, but Lala finds him, and feeds him the food. Rito runs away screaming, running right into Saki. Zastin then sees up Saki's skirt. Saki, Rin, and Aya then run after Rito for doing this once again.

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