The Power Of Love is the one hundred and eighteenth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Haruna contemplates telling Lala her true feelings, but feels a bit scared. Oshizu then greats her, but as she is, a stray dog walks through the school, scaring her into releasing her mental energy. Oshizu's powers blow up Yami's skirt, and she apologizes. Yami tells her that it's alright, but had it been Rito, she would have cut him, much to Haruna's horror. Oshizu then asks Haruna why she has such a long face, but Rito comes running through the hallway with his throat burning, asking for water. Yui tries to stop him, but inevitably, Rito runs into her and ends up in a naughty position. Yui then slaps him, and Lala gives him some water. Lala explains that she made Rito cookies, but using her own spices, noting that they must not be Rito's taste. Rito then yells at her, telling her that they're nobody on Earth's taste. Saddened, Lala apologizes, and Rito tries to make her feel better by saying that it's not that bad and that he's happy, which makes her happy too. Haruna then notices that Lala is trying her best, and she is too. Risa and Mio then come up and scare Haruna, causing her to bump heads with Oshizu. Later, Haruna sits on a bench outside of school, remembering what Mikado-Sensei, Nana, and Oshizu have said about love. Haruna then realizes that she is afraid of what Rito might say if she confesses, but she is more afraid of losing Lala as a friend. Just then, Lala comes up to Haruna, asking her why she seems out of it. Lala then checks her temperature, and tells her that if something is bothering her, she can tell her anytime. Haruna then realizes what a dear friend Lala is to her, and decides she can't go on lying to her anymore. Haruna then tells Lala that she also likes Rito.

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