The Prefect of Spotless Integrity
The Prefect of Spotless Integrity
Episode Information
Romanji Seiren Keppaku Fūki Iin
Air Date May 22, 2008
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All Men Should Be Like This!
From a Shining Star, With Love

The Perfect of Spotless Integrity (Hikariboshi yori Ai o Komete光星より愛を込めて) is the eighth episode of To Love-Ru.


Lala is waiting for Rito at school who is taking too long, so she uses a magnet-like invention to bring him in faster, but rans into Haruna who slaps him due to having his pants down (due to being in the toilet prior). Run then comes in and hugs Rito (who fell in love with Rito due to the kiss he shared with Ren in the previous episode) and tries to kiss him again, but he tries to get away. Saki and her friends come in (all wearing bondage suits) and wants a rematch with Lala otherwise she will take Rito from again by seducing. A girl named Yui Kotegawa steps in who disaproves of their kind of behavier, however they apperently ignor her. Run tries to kiss Rito but his tickeld her nose causing her to sneeze and transform into Ren, who Lala says is cute in girls uniform, tries to stop her from looking but knocks Peke off her and goes naked causing Yui to faint in shock.

Yui beleaves that Rito is cause of all the inapropriate actions happening in school and decides to keep an eye on him. Determand to perfect the school, she has the disiplanary commity to inforce the rules onto the students like appropriate uniform, acceptable items for school and especialy no illicet relations (even if it's just a basic confersation, she forces them to seperate). However some of the girls are displeased with wearing long skirts, so get's her Almighty-Tool and creates badges (similer to Peke), however Yui confiscates them for being non-school items which then activates, turning her uniform into a shorter and more reveling versions. Yui gets mad at Lala for it who drops her invention from earlier which forces Rito come to where they are and lands on Yui in a lewd manner, which she hits him for.

Yui then has the Principal to punished Rito by forbbiding him from making any contact with girls for two weeks, much to his disapointment. Rito is then guarded inside a classroom to not go anywhere near girls which gives a chance for Saruyama and other boys to talk to Lala, making Rito upset about him being the one that's punished (and perhaps a little jeolous that Lala is talking to other boys). Just when Yui beleaves that the school is free from any thing immoral now that Rito is isolated from everyone, they still continue to happen around Saki, Lala, Haruna and Run, even when he's not involved. After school, Yui follows Rito (with a sign on him forbbiding from talkin to girls) to see if he realy is as bad as she though. She notices how wrong she was when seeing his selfless actions (helping old lady cross the streets, performing CPR on injured man and replanting flowers in the park etc), she joins up with him to help a lost girl find her mom, which they did.

After seeing what a kind person Rito is, Yui seems to have gain feelings for him, she apologizes to him and removes his sign and punishment. Ealsewhere, Lala gathered some friends together to cheer up Rito and uses her magnet-like invention to bring him in, which causes Rito to run out of control especialy when he accidently grabbed Yui with him and causing all sorts of mishaps where ever he goes until he arrives at Lala's location, dizzy and in a odd position. The next day at school, Lala goes to say hello to Yui but accidently bumps onto Rito,causing Peke to fall off leaving her naked and on top of him. Yui then shouts at him (causing everyone to go deaf) and leaves him with another sign saying "worthless", much to his unfortunte.

Character appearanceEdit

Inventions usedEdit

  • Unnamed Magnet-like invention (first appearance)
  • Almighty Tool (first appearance)
  • Peke badges (first appearance)

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