The Proportions That Make Up The Heart (心の占める割合 Kokoro no shimeru wariai) is the ninety-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.

n school, Lala learns that Risa, Mio, and Oshizu were in the game in a casino. Lala apologizes for her sisters' actions, but they assure her it's fine, and Lala hugs them. Meanwhile, Rito thinks to himself that he said something incredible in front of Haruna. Rito then imagines that Haruna will hate him for being so indecisive. Saruyama asks Rito where he went with Lala and the others, but Rito ignores him while he thinks about how useless he is. Haruna then walks in and sees Rito looking depressed. In the hallway Rito watches the principal chase Run. With the principal nearing, Run pulls out some pepper and sneezes turning her into Ren. The principal contemplates the situation for a second, and then decided that Ren in a girl's uniform is still alright and starts chasing him. Haruna then comes up to Rito and asks him if something is wrong. Haruna then asks if it is because of what he said to Lala, telling Rito that he can always talk to her. Rito then admits that he wasn't ready to admit his feelings for Lala like the thought he was at the time. Rito thinks to himself that Lala's place in his life is slowly becoming bigger, but he still likes Haruna. Haruna then tells Rito that at first she was surprised with his confession to Lala, but tells him that she is relieved now. Haruna then tells Rito that she realized that Lala is important to him, and that she like Lala a lot. Haruna then tells Rito that she doesn't think that he made a mistake. Rito then thanks Haruna and says that Lala certainly is an important part in his life, and that he can now admit that with a raised chest. Back at his house, Lala comes in while Rito was bathing and offers to wash his back. Rito then pushes her out and tells her that it's only normal to wash someone's back in a palace. Lala then tells Rito that she's glad the usual Rito is back. Lala then explains that she noticed he has had a long face since they returned from the game. Lala then tells him that she would feel awful if Rito felt bad because of what her sisters did, and tells him that they shouldn't concern themselves with what happened in the game anymore. Lala then tells Rito that she doesn't want to see him with a long face, which makes Rito smile and blush. Lala then asks if she can still wash his back, which Rito immediately says no to.

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