The Queen's Challenge
Saki TLR EP5 07
The Queen's Challenge
Episode Information
Romanji Kuīn no Chōsenjō
Air Date May 1, 2008
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The Queen's Challenge (>くいーんの挑戦状, Kuīn no Chōsenjō) is the fifth episode of To Love-Ru.

Summary Edit

A limo comes in front of the school Sainan high, to come out of it appears Saki Tenjouin, a populer, rich and beautiful student who is admired by everyone. On her way in, Saki then notices Lala (who was trying to stop her invention from chasing Rito) and how much attention she's getting, Saki however claims that she is Number one in the whole school. But as the day goes by, Saki feels that her place is being threatened as Lala keeps getting more attention from the boys by seeing her in gym clothes (or somthing ecchi) leaving Saki unnoticeable and believing that Lala is trying to provoke her. Saki has a plan to prove whose better, she has her two classmates/ bodyguards Rin Kujou and Ayako Fujisaki to send a written message from Saki to Lala who is challenging her for the title Miss Sainan in a swimsuit contest.

Outside the school Saki already has the stage prepared for the contest and while waiting for Lala, she shows off her swimsuit to everyone. Elsewhere, Lala and Peke discuss the message she got with Zastin who believes it might be an assassination attempt, he asks to see the message only find it being chewed by Lala's invention from earlier, Bow-Bow Doggie-Kun. Back at the contest Saki becomes fustrated in waiting for Lala, believing that she forfeits and declares herself the winner, however some of audience don't seem too happy about it (who she her bodyguards to beat up), so her victory won't be satisfied unless she actualy beats her. After hearing that Lala has a fiance, Saki comes up with a plan to draw her out. Saki has Ayako to take Rito hostage by using a crane and takes him to her to touch her breasts and claiming him hers unless Lala shows up, Rito however is not OK with the idea especialy with Haruna watching. Lala then actually shows up (trying to stop her invention from chasing Zastin), Zastin runs into Saki causing a lewd position for her and Rito, she yells at Lala for what happened, her invention then rips off Saki's swimsuit exposing her naked body to everyone, causing her to run away leaving Lala clueless to whats going on.

After school, Aya finds out that Lala might have grave secret (unaware that it's the fact she's an alien) and reports to Saki who plans on finding out what that secret is and exposing it as payback for humiliating her earlier. Saki and her bodyguards try to sneak in Rito's to find out that secret, however they trigger lost of traps that Zastin had put in before hand. both Rin and Aya run away from the house, Saki however falls into a trap door which oddly connects to Rito's room. Saki hides under the desk when she heard Lala about come to in, with a photo camera ready to find out what her secret is, but accidently presses a button (that was installed by Zastin) which ejecting the whole room into the sky. Saki who is terrorfied and confused pops out and asks Lala whats happening. Zastin, Maul and Smutts each get on a ship to stop the capsule, However Lala who is tinkering with the controls accidently shoots missiles at them and fly off even faster which causes Saki to fall off, Lala jumps out and flies towards Saki to save who is deeply touch by it. Saki then wakes up in the streets completely naked because of Lala's Bow-Bow Doggie-Kun who ripped of her clothes causing Saki to hate Lala again. Elsewhere Lala flies around looking for where she drop Saki.

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Iinventions Used Edit

  • Bow-Bow Doggie-Kun

Trivia Edit

  • Before Zastin takes off on his ship to save Lala, the writting on his screen creates an acronym spelling the series name To Love Ru