The Rebellious Queen is the one hundred and thirty-first chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Celine comes up to Lala with a book about breastfeeding. Curious to try it, Lala tells her that she can't feed her, but has an idea. Lala then turns Rito into Riko. Rito then yells at Lala, but just then Saki comes in, and tells them that she will be in their care for a bit. Rito and Lala then convince Saki that Rito and Riko are separate people. Saki then tells them that she ran away, which hypocritically says she shouldn't do. Rito then notices that she is without Rin and Aya. Saki then tells them that she ran away because her father wanted her to study abroad. Meanwhile, Saki's father tells his head butler that he wants Saki to be found immediately. Saki then praises Mikan's cooking, saying that she is much to precious to be Rito's sister. While Saki showers, she thinks about how she didn't tell Aya and Rin that she left. Just then, Celine comes in and jumps on Saki, trying to breastfeed. Just then, Aya and Rin show up at Rito's house. Saki is flattered that they came to see her, but her trust is destroyed when Rin tells her that they are here by orders of her father to retrieve her.

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