The Returning Of The Queen is the one hundred and thirty-second chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rin tells Saki that she is just carrying out orders, but she will use force if she has to. Lala tells them that she won't let them take Saki, then has Rito take her and run. Lala asks them why they are doing this if Saki is their friend why are they doing this? Rin then tells her that she is must follow orders, and throws a vibrating ring onto Lala's tail, which weakens her. Rito then takes Saki up to the sister's rooms. While looking for them for help, Rito runs into Momo, who is naked from showering. Momo then teases Rito, asking if he wants to bath with her. Nana then walks in, and starts to attack Rito. Amidst the confusion, Rin catches Saki. Rito then asks her that if she is her friends, why isn't she helping her? Rin then explains that her family has been serving Saki's for generations. Saki then tells them that the reason she ran is because she couldn't bare to be separated from them when studying abroad in America. Lala then comes in and tells Saki that she needs to tell her father her feelings. Saki says that even though it's Lala, she will take her advice. Saki's father then tells Rin's father that Saki told him that she doesn't want to leave, and he is very proud over how much she has matured. Rin's father then thinks of how Rin told him the same. Saki's father then tells him that they'll pretend this never happened.

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