To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 16
The Right Thing ~What is a Way of Life?~
TLRD CH16 Cover
Volume 4
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Tearju Lunatique
Mea Kurosaki
Shizu Murasame
Chapter Guide
Chapter 15
Refrain ~Warmth~
Bangaihen 3
Body Touch? ~Nyanderful Life~

Chapter 16: The Right Thing ~What is a Way of Life?~ is the sixteenth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness Manga series.

Summary Edit

Nana and Mea go to Rito's class to see Doctor Tearju. While Nana is amazed at the size of her chest, Mea looks coldly. Mea then recalls when asked her master who Tearju is, and Nemesis told her that Tearju tried to raise Yami on a better path, and not as a weapon. Mea then asks her master if it would simply be easier to eliminate Tearju. Mea then grabs Nana and goes to leave, and Tearju notices her, and thinks she may know Mea. Tearju then meets Rito and Momo on the roof and talks to them about Mea. She explains that she doesn't know what Mea and Nemesis are up to, but remembers that Mea was created using Yami's data, as a second generation of what were suppose to be mass-produced super-soldiers. Tearju then apologizes for not knowing more about Mea and her master, but Momo says it's fine. Momo then states that she carries around special "Dazuul Seeds," around, that wrap around your enemies, and trap them. Momo then explains that they bring the enemy back to her, and gives them to Tearju. Tearju thanks her, and Momo tells her that Yami asked her to give them to her, which makes Tearju happy. Momo then wonders why Tearju has a large bust, while Yami doesn't, and adds that having both Yami and Tearju in the Harem Plan will be fun, which horrifies Rito. Momo then explains the thought of them in the Harem Plan to Rito, which makes him very flustered. Later, in class, Tearju talks to Yui, who tells her to say if the boys (especially Rito) try to do anything indecent with her. Just then, after the class empties, Mea comes in through the window, glad that she can finally talk with her in private, and Tearju says the feeling is mutual. Mea then starts to walk towards Tearju, but Oshizu comes in and stops her in her tracks with her mental abilities, insisting that she can talk from a safe distance. Oshizu then thinks to herself that she is the only one who has seen the darkness in Mea's heart (Chapter 11), and that she needs to protect Tearju at all costs. Mea then moves, forcing her clothes to rip, but has no shame, and tells Oshizu that that would never work. Suddenly Mea's clothes form into Yami's dress, and she gets hostile. Tearju tries to stop them, but trips, causing the seeds that Momo gave her to activate. Momo then get's the signal that the seeds have activated, and goes to the classroom with Rito and Celine. They then see Oshizu and Tearju being trapped by the plants, and Momo asks how it happen. Tearju then tells them that is she tripped, and Momo remarks that she is on par with Rito. Celine then jumps on Tearju and tries to breastfeed, much to Rito's horror. Mea then laughs that it's getting interesting, and Rito asks her if she's targeting Tearju. Mea then tells them that she only wanted to see what kind of person Tearju was, and that Oshizu started it all. Mea then adds that Nemesis taught her to never show mercy to anyone who is hostile towards you. Tearju then says that she has heard that name from somewhere before. Tearju then asks Mea if Nemesis was from the "Project Nemesis," which was in development at the same time Yami and Mea were being created, but supposedly failed and was frozen. Mea then says that that is exactly who she is, and recalls in the past, when the research facility was destroyed, Nemesis found her. Nemesis then taught her to be a weapon, and about Yami. Mea then states that Tearju is coming between her, Nemesis, and Yami, and asks if Yami needs to live as a person not a weapon. Tearju then states that not only does she still want Yami to live as a person, but Mea as well. This shocks Mea, and Tearju says that if Mea is Yami's little sister, that she is Tearju's little sister. Mea is shocked, and calls Tearju an idiot, stating that she is only a weapon, and that if Nemesis commanded it, she would kill Tearju in an instant. Tearju then tells Mea that she is living as a person, just as Yami is, but Mea says that she is a weapon. Momo then tells Mea that she can change, Momo then tells her that she wants to be friends with Mea, stating that she doesn't have too many. Rito then tells Mea that if she left town, Nana and Yami would be very sad, but Mea asks Rito how he would feel. Mea then tells Rito that if he licked every part of her, she might think about it, which naturally shocks Rito. Momo and Tearju then tell Rito to do it, but he won't. Mea then laughs and states that it is hard to change one's heart, and adds that it is the same problem Momo has with Rito. Mea then says that she still believes what her master told her, but adds that she would like to be more friendly with Rito, Momo, and Tearju. Momo then thinks to herself that while Mea claims to be a weapon, she admits that she has a heart. Oshizu's ghost then asks them to help her body from the ivy that it is stuck in.

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