The Smiling Cat is the one hundred and forty-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

The group looks in horror at the dead body. Saki then wonders how this could have happened. Then, as in a cliche mystery movie, all means of communication are cut off. Saki then tells them that the boat isn't scheduled to get them until tomorrow evening. Rito then suggests that Lala use her D-Dial to call Zastin, but even its signal is blocked. Rito then notices that Mikan, Haruna, and Yui are on edge, and as a man he takes charge, trying to calm everyone. Rito reminds everyone that Yami is there and that nobody on Earth would mess with her. Yami then suggests that the person may not be from Earth. Momo agrees, pointing out that no Earthing could jam the signal of alien technology. Saruyama then snaps and tries to run away, knocking Rito over. Rito falls into Run, and ends up grabbing her panties. Run laughs at how daring Rito is in front of these other people, and Yui yells at him for being vulgar at a time like this. Yami then goes out to search for the man, and runs into Kuro (Who resembles Train Heartnet, from the Black Cat series). Kuro tells Yami not to interfere with him, and Yami warns him that if he lays a hand on her friends, she will not forgive him. Train then shoots at Yami, and she dodges. When she looks back up, he is gone. She then realizes that she is not his target, but wonders if it could be Lala. Lala then asks Rito if it was a good idea to let Yami go by herself. Just then lighting strikes, and Kuro looks inside the window.

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