TLR CH72 Cover

The Strongest Girl in the Universe (宇宙一強い女の子 Uchū ichi tsuyoi onna no ko) is the seventy-second chapter of To Love-Ru.


While Rito and Lala are heading home from school, Yami comes to them and challenges Lala to a fight. Lala accepts, but on the condition that it does not last long, as her favorite show (Magical Girl Kyouko) is coming on soon. They do battle, with Run, Saki, Rin, and Aya watching secretly from the sidelines. The fight soon turns serious, as the two aliens show their true strength and potential, destroying the school and some of the town. Afterwards, Yami says that she has gotten stale and that the fight was a good workout. Saki, after breaking the contract with Yami, receives Yami's bill, which is twice the agreed amount and the bill for the school repairs (not to mention her hospital bills).

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