Chapter 145
The Things Projected In Those Eyes
TLR CH145 Cover
Volume 17
Release Date 2009
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki, Lala Satalin Deviluke, Karman, Peke, Mikan Yuuki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 144
Ghost Versus
Chapter 146
Those Warped Into The Midst Of Darkness

The Things Projected In Those Eyes is the one hundred and forty-fifth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Another suspicious alien watches a video of Lala on Earth, remarking that he wants to have that kid. A bunch of people in town watch as a little girl, wearing odd clothes (Similar to Peke's dress form), walks around town. The girl then goes up to Mikan and Yami, and tell them that she is Peke. Peke then explains that she took this form, because before, people would mistake her for a remote controlled toy. Suddenly, the alien from earlier walks up, remarking about Peke's ability to change into a human. The man then introduces himself as Karman, a galactic fashion model. Karman then grabs Peke and runs off. The man then runs past Rito, who is out for a walk, and Mikan runs into Rito, landing in a naughty position. Mikan then explains to Rito that the little girl was Peke. Karman then explains to Peke, that she will work work him for free, and if she doesn't, he will erase all of her memories. Peke then remembers all of her memories with Lala, and gets very upset. Right as Karman is about to erase her memories, Yami comes flying down, and cuts off some of Karman's hair. Just then, Rito comes running up and slugs Karman in the back of head with a piece of wood. Peke then bursts into tears, and thanks them, and Yami asks if the tears are oil. The group them remarks on the compassion Lala and Peke show for each other.

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