The Trance Of Feelings is the one hundred and thirty-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Yami helps catch a little girl's balloon, and the girl calls her an angel. Lala and Mikan watch in amazement. Yami and Mikan then decide to change bodies using Lala's invention. Mikan is having a great time flying as Yami, but loses concentration and crashes. Lala asks Yami how Mikan's body is, and she says it feels strange. Nana then runs into them, but just then the principal runs into them. Yami tells him not to touch Mikan's body, and punches him, much to Nana's surprise. When they arrive home, Rito asks Yami if she is OK because of her emotionless responses. Yami then attempts to make dinner, but all of the dishes include Taiyaki. Meanwhile Mikan is being chased by the principal, and uses Yami's ability to hit the principal in the face. Back with Yami, she asks Rito if a cleaning brush is a weapon. Yami then tries to clean the bathtub with laundry detergent. Because he is concerned for Mikan, Rito tells her that he will clean and that she should go watch TV. Rito then makes her some tea, and Yami feels warm inside. She then asks Rito if he is always this kind, and he says that's how families are. Lala watches, pleased that Yami is starting to see what a genuinely kind person Rito actually is. Mikan and Yami then switch back, and tell each other that they had a good time in each others bodies. Back at home, Mikan asks Rito what is with the food that Yami made. Confused, Rito tells Mikan that she was the one who made it.