The Troubling Rampage is the one hundred and fifty-third chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito finally changes into the gym clothes that Lala wanted. Still in Peke's body, he gets flustered by Lala's body rubbing against her clothes during gym warmups, which Rito feels. Momo, looking from afar, worries if he will be okay. Rito, still flustered about feeling Lala's body, flashes back to Momo talking to him about this being all her fault, but she does not want Lala to know that the whole ordeal was her fault. Rito makes a silent pact not to tell Lala about it.

Warmups are finally over, and Rito thinks that the body contact is over. But as soon as he loses focus, Lala's shorts fall. Rito tries to "put" them back on, only to put them on too tight. Momo gets jealous over the fact that Rito is "wrapping tighter" around Lala's body. As Lala and Haruna run, Rito feels Lala's breasts rubbing against him and blushes hard, making Peke's body overheat. After many clothing changes of Lala, Peke's system goes on a clothing rampage, changing every girl's outfit from gym clothes to revealing wear. Momo finally shows up with the Peke Badge Express, adding the gym wear data to it. She takes Peke (Rito) home.

As she is walking with a dazed Peke (Rito), she realizes that Rito did not say anything to Lala about the ordeal being Momo's fault. Momo then says that she is being more and more attracted to him.

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