The Young Man, And Chocolate, And... Me is the one hundred and thirty-sixth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Yui overhears Risa and Mio talking about giving boys chocolate. Yui then remembers that it is Valentines Day. Risa and Mio then asks if Yui has someone on her mind. Rito pops into Yui's thoughts, and she wonders why. Yui then leaves the room angry, and Lala, Haruna, and Oshizu wonder what's wrong with her. Yui then sees Rito and Saruyama talking. She hides around a corner, and wonders why she is. Saruyama thinks about Riko coming by some chance to give him chocolate, which Rito says will never happen. Saruyama then gets angry at Rito because he is jealous that he will get chocolate from Lala and Mikan. Yui then overhears them talk about how they are happy when they get chocolate. Back at Rito's house, Lala tells Rito that she is going to make him some superb chocolate. Rito tells her that he is grateful but he asks that she doesn't use any odd ingredients like last time (Chapter 40). Lala then tells him that she is going out for a little bit. Back at Yui's house, Yuu gets home, and their mom greets him and anxiously wants to show him something. She then tells him that Yui is making chocolate. Yuu then comes in and asks Yui if she is making the chocolate for Rito. Yui denies it and chases him out, telling him that it is only Giri-Chocolate (Mandatory). Before leaving, Yuu tells her that she has grown up a lot, and that the person that gets her chocolate will surely be delighted. Yuu then thinks to himself that he wants to get some chocolate from Akiho (Haruna's Older Sister). Yui then finished her cat shaped chocolate, and wonders if Rito will be happy. Yui then tries to convince herself that it is only Giri and then realizes that she will have to hand it to Rito the next day at school.

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