Chapter 146
Those Warped Into Midst of Darkness
TLR CH146 Cover
Volume 17
Release Date 2009
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki, Lala Satalin Deviluke, Haruna Sairenji, Yui Kotegawa
Chapter Guide
Chapter 145
The Things Projected In Those Eyes
Chapter 147
A Girl's Feelings

Those Warped Into Midst of Darkness is the one hundred and forty-sixth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Yui comes up and yells at Lala for having her inventions spilled out in the hallway. Oshizu then comes up, amazed at all of Lala's inventions. She then grabs Lala's Warp-Kun device, and Rito snatched it away from her. Haruna then runs into him, and they are both teleported to a strange closet, naked. Rito then reaches around, trying to find something, but ends up grabbing Haruna's chest. Haruna slaps him, and Rito realizes that they are both naked, and that they used Lala's Warp-Kun. Lala then explains the situation to Yui, who decides that they need to find them as soon as possible. Rito and Haruna then sit in the dark room, and Haruna tells him that she is scared, but he assure her. Rito's eyes start to adjust to the darkness, and he gives Haruna a sheet to cover herself. They find a door, but it's locked and too strong to be knocked down. They realize, that all they can do is wait for Lala to find them. Rito then apologizes to Haruna for always dragging her into weird situations, but Haruna tells him it's fine. Rito tries to start conversations by asking Haruna about her parents. Haruna explains that due to work, her parents moved farther away, but allowed her and her sister to stay at the Sainan school system. Rito then tells her that his parents believe on going on their own paths, but Haruna says they do get along well. Haruna then tells Rito that she wants to have someone who she can mutually depend on. Rito then thinks about telling her his feelings, but suddenly Lala pops into his mind and he can't do it. Just then, Mikado-Sensei opens up the door, and they realize that they are in her clinic. Mikado-Sensei remarks that they are more daring then she thought, but Haruna tells her that this is a big misunderstanding. Lala and Yui then come running down, and Yui misunderstands the situation as well.

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