This is a 4koma version of To Love Ru Darkness Serialized on Jump Live, a smartphone magazine available on Android and iOS. It was first shown in To Love-Ru Darkness Chapter 35.[citation needed]


Yami and Mea see Lala flying by, goving Mea an idea to fly by using her pony tail like a helicopter. She whirls off, leaving Yami to watch in confusion.

Grown-Up CircumstancesEdit

Haruna is depressed about her breasts not growing any bigger when Risa and Mio come in and start massaging them but only to be stopped by Yui, who claims she will not allow them to destroy the morals of Jump Live.

Don't Misunderstand!!Edit

Momo is watching anime and finds tsunders interesting and plans on acting like one around Rito thinking he might like it, however it turns out to be a bad idea when Nana already does so.


Mikan is hanging with her two friends and see's a shirt she thinks might look good on Rito, her friends show her a drawing of a bird and asks what she see's which she answers "tori", (an anagram of Rito).

Evan I!Edit

Saruyama is continuing to be jealous of Rito and also wants to accidently fall on girls and seeks his chance when he see's Run he tries to "accidently" fall on her, but runs into the half naked Principal instead, much to his disgust and disapointment along with Rito's confusion.

Mau MauEdit

Momo understands that Celine wants to be a pretty women when she grows up, which is where Lala comes in having in her possession an invention that help her grow up, the resulting effect has Celine grow bigger than the house.

Am I Pretty?Edit

Nana reads a magazine and thinks of trying make-up on wondering if Rito might like it. Momo see's Nana putting make-up and gets chills upon Nana's resulting looks.

Long Time No SeeEdit

Ren comes over to Lala and compliments on how beautiful she is, Lala only then remebers who he is after a short delay, much to his dismay.

Ignorance Is BlissEdit

Tearju asks Oshizu  what was the era she was born in like, she answers in detail about how horrible and waht a "living hell" it was, which scares Tearju.

I Love CatsEdit

Yui has a dream about being surrounded by tons of cats Yuu, her brother,  advises her to go to her room instead while he is studying for a make-up test.

This Wonderful EarthEdit

Nemesis explores Earths culture and comes in to a maid cafe where the maids welcomed her and calls her "master" which she seems to enjoy.

Open-Mouthed 2Edit

Yami and Mea show Nana a a flying trick Mea came up with, they use thier hair like a helicopter and fly off much to Nana's surprise.

Now That I Think Of It...Edit

Rito recalls the times he was turned into a dog, a girl and a pair of panties and now is transformed into a toilet which he thinks is too far.


  • In "Don't Misunderstand!!", panel 3 is missing a word: "It's not like I like Rito-san or anything."

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