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Steamy & Heart Thumping Emotions of a Traveller

ドキドキ湯けむり旅情, Dokidoki yukemuri ryojō

To Love-Ru Volume 2
Volume Information
Volume Title Steamy & Heart Thumping Emotions of a Traveller
Release Date February 2, 2007
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-08-874322-6
Number of Chapters 8
Cover Character/s Haruna Sairenji
Rito Yuuki
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Steamy & Heart Thumping Emotions of a Traveller (ドキドキ湯けむり旅情 Dokidoki yukemuri ryojō) is the second volume of the To Love-Ru series written by Hasemi Saki. Steamy & Heart Thumping Emotions of a Traveller was released in Tankōbon format February 2nd 2007 in Japan. The series was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump from August 24th, 2006 to August 31st, 2009.


Ghi Bree transforms into what appears to be a more imposing form, but Rito stands courageous. Despite facing such a frightening opponent, Rito is resolved to fight him, fully intent to save Haruna no matter what. Rito's heroic battle against the monster ends in a rather anticlimactic conclusion. Rito and Mikan take Lala out to show her around town and to shop for new clothes. Lala's costume robot, Peke, forms many clothes for her, but quickly runs out of power, forcing the group to find refuge in a lingerie store before Lala is left naked in public. There, Rito and Haruna unexpectedly run into Haruna. Rito goes to assist his father, Saibai, a famous manga artist, with Lala tagging along to visit him as well. On a summer day at school, a shadowy figure follows and takes pictures of Lala. Rito notices him and works to shake him off. He discovers that the stalker planted something in the swimming pool waiting for Lala, who's about to have swimming class. Rito fears that it's another alien attack and rushes to the pool. Lala looks forward to the upcoming trip to the summer seaside school. Unfortunately, Mikan informs her that the trip might be canceled due to an approaching typhoon. But Lala has been looking forward to the trip, and certainly would not let something like a typhoon stop her from going.

Chapter 08: True FormEdit


Now in his true form, Rito finds Ghi Bree much more threatening, calling Zastin a liar for saying that Lala's old fiance candidates aren't good fighters. Chi Bree once again asks for Lala. Lala then yells at Ghi Bree telling him to leave Haruna out of it, but Rito stands in, telling Lala to grab Haruna and run, while he fights Ghi Bree. Ghi Bree then transforms even bigger, but Rito isn't moved. Rito goes in for a punch, and Ghi Bree whimpers like a coward. Taken back, Rito asked what he just said, and Ghi Bree tries to cover it up and act tough again. Rito then goes in for a punch again, and Ghi Bree trips, claiming he will die. Now Rito realizes that Ghi Bree is really weak. It is then revealed that Ghi Bree can transform, but is not powerful at all. Lala uses "Slosh-Slosh Warp-Kun" to get rid of Ghi Bree. Rito, embarrassed by Haruna's torn clothes from the ordeal, tells Lala to take Haruna to the nurse's office and tell her she passed out from Anemia. When Haruna wakes up in the infirmary, Lala tells Haruna how happy she is that she's OK. Haruna then asks if it was Lala that brought her to the infirmary. Lala then tells Haruna it was Rito.

Chapter 09: Shopping PanicEdit


One Sunday, Rito and Mikan took Lala out, and showed her around town. However, Since Peke was in Dress Mode, Lala's costume immediately drew attention to her. Noticing the attention Lala was causing, Rito and Mikan pulled her aside into an alley, and told her that since she wanted to go sightseeing, she should dress normally to avoid causing trouble. Lala then had Peke mimic the clothes of one of the random people walking around. She chose a few outfits, including a martial artist's gi, to which Rito rejected all of them. Frustrated, Rito told her to quit fooling around, and if she won't then they'll go home. So, Lala finally chose a normal dress, which Mikan and Rito thought was cute, the latter even having his heart thump. Lala then takes Rito's arm and dragged him. Mikan then teases Rito about his situation with Lala, saying that it would have been better if she did not tag along. This makes Rito blush, thinking that if it were only Lala and him then it really would be a date. The trio walked around, getting some taiyaki before coming to a claw-machine game. Lala saw a stuffed rabbit that she liked. However, Mikan says that it's big, and would be hard to get. However, Rito uses his skills, and won it for her, which Mikan commented that Rito is skillful in useless things. Lala is happy and very grateful, telling Rito she is going to make the doll her treasure, shocking and surprising him.. Later, Rito noticed Mikan was holding something, and asked what it was. She said that she got it for free when she bought clothes earlier, and that they were discount tickets for four to the newly built aquarium. Lala wondered what an aquarium was, and Rito explained that it is a place with plenty of fish and sea creatures. Lala then became excited, and Mikan offered to go there. However, Rito noticed that her clothes were starting to disintegrate. Peke explained that she is running out of power because the wardrobe changes earlier drained more energy from Peke than she expected. She explained that if she runs out of power, then she cannot maintain the shape of the costume, and Lala will become naked. Lala laughed it off, to which Rito said that she should panic more. Rito grabbed Lala and started to run. Lala asked where they were going, and Rito answered that they needed a place to hide. The boys passing by turned their attention to Lala, whose clothes are slowly disappearing, and starting to show flesh. Rito tried to think of a place to hide, first being the bathroom, but the train station was too far. Mikan suggested that they go into one of the stores there. Rito then picked a random store. However, he accidentally went into a lingerie store. Rito suggested that they go somewhere else, but Mikan stopped him, and said that that store was fine already. Mikan then handed Lala a handful of underwears, and told her to go into the changing room. Mikan then rushed out to find Lala more clothes, which made Rito thankful of Mikan's presence since he wouldn't know what to do if Mikan weren't there. Suddenly, Rito saw Haruna picking underwear, which shocked Rito to see Haruna there. What shocked Rito even more was when Lala suddenly came out of the changing room, dressed in only underwear. She then asked Rito if it looked good on her. Then, Lala noticed Haruna and greeted her, to which Rito called the meeting the worst case scenario.

Chapter 10: A Confession Once AgainEdit


After seeing Haruna in the lingerie shop, the four go together to the aquarium. Lala is very impressed by the aquarium. Rito apologies to Haruna for dragging her along, which she dismisses because she likes aquariums. Haruna then apologizes to Rito for interrupting him and Lala, which Rito obviously and immediately dismisses. Mikan observes the possibility that Rito likes Haruna. Mikan and Lala run off, leaving Rito some alone time with Haruna. Rito tries to break the awkward silence by running over to a different exhibit, but Haruna grabs him and stops him. Haruna recalls that Lala told her about Rito finding her and taking her to the nurse's office, and wants to thank him. Haruna then tells Rito that him and Lala are good together, noting that she thinks Lala is wonderful. And right as Haruna is about to tell Rito something else about herself, a bunch of penguins come flying out of a room, hitting Rito. Lala is naturally behind the mischief, because she had given the penguins a Devilukean stimulant known as "Berserk's Deluxe." Meanwhile, watching from afar is an a suspicious mechanical fly, being used by someone to monitor Rito.

Chapter 11: Is A Workplace Also A BattlefieldEdit


The same mechanical fly from earlier is watching Rito as he gets ready to go help his dad at work. Rito explains to Lala that his father is a famous manga artist. Lala follows Rito to his dad's workplace. Rito's father is very pleased to meet Lala, like Mikan, he is very open to the fact that she is an alien. Rito's dad also pokes fun at Rito, telling him that Mikan told him that Rito and Lala sleep in the same bed together every night. Rito, his dad, and their men, are very hard pressed to get the manga done before the deadline. Under a lot of pressure and not having enough time, the artists are in trouble. Lala makes a machine that let's them write and draw much faster. Not being needed, Rito goes to make everyone coffee. The man that has been following him, named Pryuma, goes in to attack Rito. It is revealed that he was inside the fly, and is very small. Rito's dad opens up a door, and smashes the fly, along with Pryuma. Pryuma then retires. The next day, all of Rito's dad's assistants quit due to exhaustion. However, Lala quickly solves this problem by having Zastin and his assistants help out Rito's dad.

Chapter 12: Mid-Summer Paparazzi Edit


One summer morning, it is very hot, which is especially tedious for Lala because as she explains, there are no summers on Deviluke. As Lala explains to Rito that girls start swimming in gym, a shadowy figure watches them from afar and takes a picture of Lala. Rito constantly has to chase the man off and away from Lala. While chasing the man, Rito is has a large student land on him, who was pushed by the man. The student thanks Rito for saving him. Rito then runs into the principal's office, thinking the man is in there, however it's only the principal reading naughty magazines. While searching, Rito overhears the man saying to himself that he put something in the pool and is waiting for Lala to swim. Rito confronts the man again, but he manages to escape again. Rito then goes to the pool to find what the man planted there.

Chapter 13: A Desire That Whirls Underwater Edit


With little time remaining before Lala and Haruna go into the pool, Rito decides to just jump into the pool. While underwater he finds a camera. However, before Rito can get out, the girls come to the pool. While the girls do warm ups and finally get in the pool, Rito is forced to sit in a corner, using a straw to breath that he conveniently had on him. When Lala jumps into the water, Rito sees her clothes fall off due to Peke's systems letting up and making the suit too loose. Naturally, Rito is very embarrassed. Lala enjoys the pool, but she wishes that there were more waves in the pool, so she goes to grab her D-Dial to summon such a device. When the pool starts to swirl, everyone except for Rito manages to get out. Rito is then thrown out of a water-spout that formed in the pool. It is then revealed that the mysterious man from earlier was Motemitsu, who was going to take the pictures and sell them. However, Rito comes flying from the air, hitting Motemitsu. Motemitsu then lands in front of all of the girls, with his pictures revealed. Afterwards, Motemitsu is suspended for two weeks.

Chapter 14: Idiot Typhoon Edit


Lala sits in Rito's room preparing for the summer's seaside-school. Lala then reveals that she is remodeling Rito's closet, so she can live in it and be as close to Rito as possible. After Lala finishes packing, Mikan comes in to tell them that due to a typhoon, the seaside-school might be canceled. Lala, who is bent on going to seaside-school, takes Peke and flies off to go to the heart of the typhoon, with Rito holding onto Lala. At the typhoon, Lala uses some of her inventions such as "Go-Go Vacuum-Kun #2," "Chomp-Munchy Eater-Kun," and many others to try and stop it, to no avail. Unable to build a real machine due to lack of supplies, Rito suggests they go back home. Lala, devastated, then turns very angry. In a last ditch effort, she yells into the sky. Somehow, miraculously, the typhoon turns away from Japan. Everyone including Rito and Mikan are dumbfounded, while Lala is ecstatic that she gets to go to seaside-school.

Chapter 15: Steamy and Heart Thumping Emotions of a TravelerEdit


Rito, Lala, Haruna, and their classmates are on a bus to the seaside summer school. When they arrive, they find out that they will be having a "Dare Night." While in the room, Saruyama and a classmate are planning on peeking on the girls, and they drag Rito along with. Meanwhile, Lala asks the other girls what dare is. While they are peeking, one of the girls Saruyama and screams "Peeker." However, this is referring to the principal, not Rito and the others. During the number drawing to determine partners, Rito fantasizes about being paired with Haruna. However, Rito goes to draw a number and gets 13 (Haruna had 5). Rito does however get paired with Lala, while Saruyama gets paired with Haruna.

Chapter 16: Dare of FateEdit


Rito and Lala prepare for their chance to go on the ghost walk. On the path, there are many people dressed as scary creatures, such as a zombie, a masked killer (looking very similar to Jason from Friday The 13th), and a werewolf. Despite this, Rito and Lala venture into the woods. On the way, they see Saruyama running out of the woods. Rito wonders where Haruna went, and before he knows it, Lala is missing too. Lala finds one of the masked men. When Lala says his face is not scary, but rather funny, it devastates him, because as he claims, he spent six hours on it. Lala decides she wants to play the role of a monster. Meanwhile, Rito meets up with Haruna hiding in the woods. Something then startles Haruna, who runs while dragging Rito along with her, and using him to beat down the masked people. Meanwhile, Lala is scaring people in the woods using her technology. As they walk down the path, they see the monsters running from something. As it turns out, Lala used one of her inventions "Deru-Deru Vision-Kun" to project real ghosts, and used make-up to make herself look like a ghost. However, Haruna is startled and throws Rito at the invention, causing it to explode. Rito quickly grabs both Lala and Haruna and runs away from the explosion. However, unbeknown to him, he has crossed the finish line with both girls. According to the "Dare Jinx," Rito will now go out with both Lala and Haruna.

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