Transformation (変身 Henshin) is the eighty-second chapter of To Love Ru.


Rito walks into Dr. Mikado's office, complaining that he's completely exhausted for reasons he does not know. Dr. Mikado then teases Rito that he's saying things that only an old man would. Rito asks if she has anything to make him feel better. Dr. Mikado then gives Rito some nutrients made from plants found in Okiwana. Rito then feels the nutrients working, but he feels weird. Run then comes up to Rito, who acts very charming, and calls Run beautiful. However, as Rito gazes into Run's eyes, she sneezes, and Ren runs off. Yui then walks up to Rito for being noisy, but Rito takes her hand, then flirts with her as well. However, Yui calls Rito a pervert, then tells him it won't work on her, and runs off. Rito then walks into Lala. Lala asks him if Dr. Mikado has given him any medicine yet, but Rito tells her that although he understands how she feels, his heart can't belong to only one woman, and goes off to hear every women's heart, leaving a shocked Lala and Peke. Rito then finds Yami in the library, and flirts with her then grabs her. Yami threatened Rito that if he touches her, then she could kill Rito. However, Rito tells her that if her wish is to kill him, that she can. Rito then reminds her that she's alone, but it can be changed. Haruna then walks into the room, looking for Yami, and Rito leaves Yami for her. Just as Rito was about to confess to Haruna, the effects of the nutrients wear off. Yami then attacks Rito for ridiculing her (Yami is angry because Rito told her that she was alone). Dr. Mikado then apologizes to Rito, saying that she had no idea the nutrients had that kind of effect on Earthlings.


  • Dr. Mikado says that Rito's behaviour only affects Earthlings. However, Rito flirted with Yami, who wasn't an Earthling since she's composed of nanomachines. The reason for this could be because Yami was made from the cells of Dr. Tearju Lunatique, but it is unknown whether Dr. Lunatique is an Earthling or not.

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