To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 17
Trigger ~Intensification of Love~
TLRD CH17 Cover
Volume 5
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Mea Kurosaki
Chapter Guide
Bangaihen 4
Room ~A Maiden's Heart~
Chapter 18
Exchange ~Me and I~

Chapter 17: Trigger ~Intensification of Love~ is the seventeenth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Members of a club in Sainan High School known as the Venus Momo Club (V.M.C.) discuss how they have all fallen for her, and how they should all team up due to their mutual love of Momo. Meanwhile, Momo recalls the night before, she was sitting looking up different plants for her D-Dial. Rito then asks her what she is doing, and she tells him how she wanted new seeds for defense, stating that the seeds she gave to Tearju in chapter 16 were a bad choice. Rito tells Momo how she's very dependable, recalling how she has saved both himself and Momo from bad situations. Rito then tells Momo that if she needs help, to ask, stating he doesn't want her to deal with all of the burden herself. Momo starts to think about how she wants to close the gap between her and Rito's hearts, but is snapped out of thought by her classmates. Momo is praised by the other girls in the class, and by her teacher. Mea remarks how popular Momo is, and Nana is still annoyed by her "Good Girl" act. Just then, the members of the V.M.C come to tell Momo that they are forming the fan club, and tell her that they are all prepared to lay down their lives for her. Momo tells them that while she is flattered, they shouldn't be so reckless with their lives, which touches all of the men deeply. Nana gets annoyed, but a couple of men who say they like flat-chested girls tell her that they will cheer for her. Nana immediately beats them all, and tells them she's sorry for being flat-chested. Throughout the day, the boys doing things for Momo, such as carrying her books, polishing her desk, and opening/closing the door for her. Momo then starts to get annoyed when the boys refuse to let anyone talk to her without getting permission from them first. Momo tries to escape at gym, but to no avail, and the boys wait for her outside the changing room. The boys then realize that Momo is changing in the rooms, but refuse to think about it, stating that they don't want to defile Momo's pureness, and that they want to be gentlemen. One of the men then expresses concern over Rito, stating that while he is Lala's fiancee, he is as shameless as the principal, and has been the subject of many morals committee meetings. They then wondering if Momo is the subject to Rito's shameless-abuse at home. They are then interrupted by another club member who tells them that the girls are done changing, but Momo isn't there. Meanwhile, Rito gets an E-mail from Momo telling him to meet her in the gym supply closet. Rito wonders if it is about a development with Mea, and goes to the room. When he walks into the room, Momo grabs him, and Rito wonders why she is in her gym uniform. Momo gets side-tracked thinking about Rito, but she snaps out of it and brings up the Harem Plan. Momo then jumps on Rito, and starts to lick him, thinking that all it takes is Rito loosing his self-control once to turn him into the "carnivore" he needs to be for the Harem Plan. However, Rito manages to push Momo off of him, and Momo asks him if he felt anything. Rito hesitates to answer, and suddenly the guys from her fan club burst in, and yell at Rito because they think that he dragged Momo into the closet. Momo wonders how they managed to find her, but then she notices Mea behind the boys, and realizes that she tailed her, and told them where she and Rito were. The boys then shoot Rito with rubber-bullets, and grab him. Momo then intervenes, and tells them that she just wanted to talk to Rito, and that he is not the person that they think he is. Momo then demands that they apologize to Rito, and they do. Meanwhile, Mea is amazed by Momo's "Blood lust." Rito, Momo, and Mea then walk away, and Momo tells Mea that this is all her fault. Rito then wonders why Momo would go so far to advance the Harem Plan. Rito wonders if it is because the succession to the Deviluke Throne, to help with Lala's love, or if she really loves him. Later, in class, the boys asks Momo to forgive them, and Nana wonders what she did to them.

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