Trouble Game is the one hundred and thirty-third chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito, Lala, Mikan, Haruna, Yui, and Saruyama celebrate the new year with dinner. Rito then thinks how cute Haruna looks in her Kimono. Saruyama then says Yui looks good in her Kimono, and Rito agrees. Rito then says Yui looks gentle in her Kimono, which she interprets as something bad and yells at him. Mikan then notices this, and thinks about how once again Rito can;t understand a women's heart. Haruna tells Lala that Risa, Mio, and Oshizu could not make it. Nana and Momo then come in and explain that they couldn't make it because they are helping them with a game. Lala then asks if it is similar to the Trouble Quest game, which it is. Momo then gives them player-recognition rings to wear. They are then teleported into a giant dice-game. Yui is the first to go, and after she rolls the dice, instructions pop up and tell her to wear some sexy underwear. He clothes suddenly change into the underwear, and she is told they will stay like this until the next turn. Saruyama then rolls and looses a turn. He is teleported into a room where Mikado-Sensei sits, and is knocked out. It is then Rito's turn, and he waits to roll the dice, as Mikan and Haruna regret participating.

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