Trouble Game 2 is the one hundred and thirty-fourth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito steps up, and rolls fore his turn. Suddenly he is transported to a beach for a photo shoot. Run then greets Rito in a bathing suit. She is there for the photo shoot, and Rito will not get transported back until he takes the pictures. Embarrassed, he accepts and takes the pictures. Next up is Lala, who is transported to a building where she works as a janitor, along with Oshizu. While the two are exchanging complements, Maron comes up and jumps on Lala's tail and starts to lick it. Next up is Haruna, who is transported to a salon to get a massage. Risa and Mio are the two working, and decided to give Haruna a full body massage. Rito listens in horror, as Nana and Momo broadcast the sound from inside the salon. Next up is Mikan, who is sent to a street at night. Her objective is to get stalked by someone. While walking, she notice the principal. The principal then jumps at her, asking her to transfer to his school. Just then, Yami comes out dressed as a police officer and kocks the principal out. With the end of the first round, the fun is just getting started. In the next couple rounds, the group engages in various tasks. Yui has to cosplay as a cat, Saruyama gets chased by a giant dog, Mikan and Oshizu are in a city being attacked by giant monsters, Rito is in a speeding car, and Lala(as Train) and Yami(as Eve) shoot targets. Now into the fourth round, Haruna is close to the goal, with Rito in front of her. Haruna then rolls and ends up on the same square as Rito. The twins tell her that a special event has now been triggered, and everyone wait to see what the event could be.

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