Trouble Game 3 is the one hundred and thirty-fifth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

The special event is "Love's Elopement." Everyone gets transported to a church, where a wedding will take place. Haruna thinks that she will have to "marry" Rito, which makes her blush. The groom turns out to be Saruyama, who urges Haruna to go through with the "wedding." Suddenly, Rito bursts in the church, stopping the wedding and carries Haruna out of the church, vowing to never give Haruna up to Saruyama, and Lala cheers him on. While Rito is running, Momo comments that Rito's desperate face is cute. While they are running, Oshizu tries to stop them using a Wind Style technique, but it fails, and they both escape.

Rito and Haruna stop in some type of forest, where Haruna realizes that Rito is doing this for her sake and wishes that they could run together forever. After that, Celine tries to stop them, but does a poor job of it, only attacking Haruna to breastfeed off of her. Rito embarrassingly pulls Celine off of her (and Momo comments that Rito's angry face is cute as well).

After the 7th round, Saruyama ends up the winner. His prize is a giant Crimson Turtle, which almost tries to eat him. The rest of the gang are thankful that they did not win the game.

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