Trouble Quest 2 (とらぶるくえすと2 TORABURU KUESUTO ni) is the ninety-fourth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Rito and the others figure that their only way out of the game is to beat the final boss. Rito asks the group if they have any RPG experience. Haruna says that she doesn't have any games at home, and Yui says that she used to play with her brother, but hasn't in a while. The group then realizes that they all have siblings. A women then approaches them asking if they are adventurers, and they all go to a guild to receive their classes. The group is greeted by a bunch of playboy bunnies who assign them their roles. Haruna is a knight, Mikan a Mage, and Yui a Martial Artist. Rito gets the (almost worthless) florist class, and the group goes on to fight the Demon Lord. Yui wants Rito to stay in front of her so he doesn't see her revealing clothes. The group is suddenly attacked by monsters. Yui kicks and destroys one of the monsters. Rito uses his watering can, which not surprisingly doesn't work. Haruna then uses her tennis backhand to destroy a monster with her dagger. Mikan tries to use a spell to defeat the final monster, but it just ends up unbuttoning Yui's shirt, revealing herself to Rito and the monster, who are both shocked. Yui then punches both of them, and defeats the monster. Rito continues to wonder where Lala is. At the southern mansion, the witch Kyouko Kirisaki talks to her two minions. It is then revealed that Lala is the princess, who is asleep, being held by Kyouko. Kyouko wonders if Rito will really come to Lala's aid, while Peke hides under the bed, worried about Lala.

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