Trouble Quest 3 (とらぶるくえすと3 TORABURU KUESUTO san) is the ninety-fifth chapter of To Love-Ru.

By this time, the party has defeated many monsters and gotten used to spell incantations. The party finds out that if their HP reaches 0, they will be sent all the way back to start. Tired, they decide to go look for an inn where they can rest. They come to a forgotten town where they find one, and stay the night (not without Yui arguing that Rito should not be with them).

That night, Rito has a nightmare that Lala is being held captive by vines. He wakes up to see Magical Kyouko in front of him. She makes a deal with him: If Rito will be her boyfriend, she will let him and everyone else return to the real world. Before he can even think about it, Kyouko blasts out of the inn, and leaves the party a mid-level boss to fight. Yami steps in and easily kills the boss. She is wearing a bunny girl suit and her class is "Playgirl."

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