Trouble Quest 4 (とらぶるくえすと4 TORABURU KUESUTO yon) is the ninety-sixth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Lala awakes and greets Rito, but much to her surprise, Kyouko is there instead. Lala is ecstatic that Kyouko is there, but she calms Lala down and asks a request of Lala. She wants Lala to lay low for a bit longer, and Lala agrees. The group then realizes that they have to go save Lala, and are much more confident now that they have Yami with them. The group then opens up a box that the monster from the last chapter dropped. It contains something called "Kyouko's Guide," which leads them to Kyouko's mansion. When they land, Rito is under Haruna, and Yui kicks him for being a pervert. Peke then brings the group to where Lala is. The group is ambushed by a bunch of very high leveled monsters, but Yami cheats and beats them. Due to her cheating, she remains a level one. On their way, the group is stopped by Saki, Rin, and Aya who stand in their way for Kyouko, in return they get to go back to the real world if they defeat the group. Aya tries to cast the same spell Mikan did in chapter 94, which reveals the three. Run also waits to ambush the group in return for the same thing from Kyouko, but the principal comes out dressed as a wolf and chases her. The group then encounters Kyouko who brings up her offer to Rito from the last chapter. Rito tells her that he hasn't even considered it, and that he is prepared to fight her if she doesn't give them Lala. Kyouko then asks Rito if he loves Lala. Kyouko then has the minions bring Lala out and tells Rito to answer her now. Rito is stunned, wondering what to do right in front of Haruna.

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