Trouble Quest 5 (とらぶるくえすと5 TORABURU KUESUTO go) is the ninety-seventh chapter of To Love-Ru.

Kyouko once again reiterates her question, and demands an answer from Rito. Kyouko then tells Rito that if he answers correctly, she might use her powers to send them all back. Rito then wonders what he would do. He realizes that in spite of Lala constantly professing her love to Rito, he never gives a response, and wonders if this is OK. Yami then tries to attack Kyouko, but she soon reforms from the attack and grabs Yami in her chest, making Yami self-conscious (Mikan relates to her problem). Rito then tells Yami to stand down, realizing that he needs to say something to Lala. He struggles with saying something. He then tells Lala that he probably likes her, as he explains to Lala that the game has helped him realize that when Lala's not around he feels uneasy, but he is uncertain if this feeling is love or not. Lala then tells Rito that her feelings for him are still deep, and that she is very happy to hear what he said. Mikan then realizes that Yui is jealous (Yui wonders what the strange feeling of envy she is having is about). Mikan then wonders when Rito became such a playboy. Kyouko then tells Rito that she hates indecisive people. Kyouko then calls out game over and starts a fire around the group. While the fire is not hot, it still decreases their health. Lala is shocked while Kyouko tells the group that they will be sent back to the beginning and it will take them three years to get back to her without her help, which shocked Rito very much. Lala then calls the Kyouko an imposter, stating that the real Kyouko would never bully people, and demands that she puts the fire out. The minions then grabs Lala's tail and tells her to be patient. Lala recognizes the voice and does as they say. Rito then notices that his watering can is glowing, and the minions tell him that it is the key to putting out the fire and defeating Kyouko. Rito uses the can's "Lighting Showers" ability and extinguishes the flame, defeating Kyouko in the process. Lala then tries to guess who the two minions are, but before she can they take off their robes. They are Lala's twin sisters, Momo Velia Deviluke and Nana Aster Deviluke.