Trouble Quest Final (とらぶるくえすと TORABURU KUESUTO), tankōbon:"Lala's younger sisters" (ララの妹たち Rara no Imōto tachi) is the ninety-eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Lala's sisters introduce themselves to everyone. Lala then asks them why they put them all through this simulation. They explain that they wanted to see those who are close to her, and how they act under such circumstances. It then turns out that Lala created most of the game a while back, but Nana and Momo finished it. Nana then tries to take all credit away from Momo, who then puts her in a choke-hold. Lala then breaks the fight up and demands they take them back to the real world. While trying to bring them all back to the real world, the remote stops working. Suddenly the world starts to collapse due to a system error caused by incomplete programming. Haruna saves Rito from a piece of falling rock. Suddenly all of their clothes start to disappear because they are made from data. Rito inadvertently exposes himself to Yui when his pants disappear, Yami then threatens to slice "It," off because of her hate for all things Ecchi. Then, Lala goes to the supercomputer to try and send them back. Lala fixes the bug rather quickly, and her sisters apologize. Lala then explains to them that they don't need to worry because she will never regret her choice in Rito. Back in the real world, Lala watches Magical Kyouko despite what happened in the game. Mikan then tells Rito that Nana and Momo have gone back to Deviluke. Rito then wonders if telling Lala that he may like her was the right choice. Meanwhile, in the Amazon, the principal is attacked by a crocodile, while Run, Saki, Rin, and Aya run, wondering why they are there.

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