Trouble X Trouble X To Love Ru (とらぶる×トラブル×To LOVEる Toraburu×Toraburu×To LOVERu) is the hundredth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito dreams about Haruna confessing her love to him, and he moves into kiss her, but in reality he is moving in to kiss Lala, who is sleeping in the same bed as him. Rito wakes up and falls out of bed, waking Lala up. Lala says good morning, but Rito yells at her for being in his bed, naked. Mikan then comes in, and treats it as if it normal, telling them that breakfast is ready. Rito then notices he lack of reaction, and explains that Lala does this about once every five days. In gym, Saruyama tells Rito that Lala has a great chest, while he watches her run. Saruyama then gives Rito a speech and asks him if he gets to see Lala nude whenever he wants, which he immediately says no to. Two girls overhear their conversation as does Lala. Lala then asks Haruna if Earth guys like breasts. Risa and Mio then interrupt and tell Lala that they love them. Risa then uses Oshizu as an example, saying that she personally loves all kinds of boobs. Yui then tells them to stop being indecent. Risa and Mio then tease Yui for having a great figure, telling her that she should appeal to boys using her chest, and they ask her if she already has someone in mind. Lala then sees Saki in the hallway and asks her what she thinks of breasts. Saki then changes into a bathing suit and tells Lala that one has to have bush and also a great figure, which Lala takes note of. Outside, Lala asks Yami about how she feels about her boobs, which embarrasses Yami who quickly says she has no interest in them. Lala then apologizes and runs off. In the locker room, Yami then uses her transformation abilities to make her chest grow, and grows the rest of her figure to. Rito then walks in and asks Yami what she is doing, naturally leading to her attacking him. Lala meanwhile has made a new invention, "Pai-Pai Rocket-Kun," which will increase the user's hormones, making the boobs the perfect proportion. Lala then tells Peke that she plans on using it to please Rito. However, Rito is blown out of a wall by Yami, where he lands on the Rocket-Kun, setting it off. When the dust clears, Rito has been transformed into a girl. Rito then feels himself, noticing that he has boobs, and that "it's" gone. Lala stands in shock.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the hundredth chapter of To Love-Ru. It also marks the two year aniversary anniversary of To Love-Ru's Serialization

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