Troublesome, Isn't It (大変だねェ Taihen da nē) is the sixtieth chapter of To Love-Ru.


A mysterious women is shown landing at the airport. Meanwhile, Rito, Lala, and Haruna then go into Rito's house. Haruna is stunned by Celine, but Lala explains that she got her for Rito. Then Lala insists she shows Haruna her lab. When they go inside, Rito notices strange shoes lying in his room. Mikan then comes in with an urgent matter, and pulls Rito into their living room. Rito then sees his mother, Yūki Ringo, sitting on the couch. Ringo then explains that she is home because she has some business in Japan (she's a fashion-designer). She then tells Rito that she heard from Mikan that there is an alien living in their house. Lala then comes in and introduces herself. Ringo says hello, but suddenly gets up and examines Lala, grabbing her. Ringo then says Lala's measurements (89-57-87). Ringo then claims that it is so great to have "Such a great body so close." their mother then backs off, stating that she went into work-mode. Mikan then explains that their mother's a fashion-designer. Just then, Haruna comes into the room, saying that she might leave if she is getting in the way. Just then, Ringo goes into work-mode, ripping Haruna's shirt off, saying that she is just what she's been looking for. Rito then has to pull Ringo off of Haruna, who she apologizes to. Ringo then figures out that Haruna likes Rito, and teases Rito, telling him how popular he is. Haruna then runs off, and Ringo and Mikan laugh at how "interesting" things are getting with Rito. Ringo then tells Rito the worst thing he can do is make a girl cry, and that all a girl needs is a boy's kindness. Rito says OK, confused. Mikan and Ringo then laugh at how oblivious Rito still is. Rito, Lala, and Mikan then Ringo wish farewell. Just as she's about to leave, Ringo tells Lala good luck, indicating that she knows about Lala's love for Rito. Lala stands confused, as Mikan calls Rito troublesome.